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Using Pisano



"Excellent Bang For The Buck, Very Flexible And Suitable For Large-Scale Implementations"

"Overall the team is very diligent, responsive and flexible. Smooth and accessible interface, good integration capabilities. Certain technical limitations exists, but we are running massive programs with the system and it does the job.”

Veselin PetkovInternational Group CX Leader

Axa_Sigorta 2

"Easy To Integrate Platform For Holistic Customer Experience Management"

"Pisano has a very agile organizational and product mindset compared to its well-known competitors. Easy to implement, Platform is very easy to deploy and low level of it teams alignment necessity. It is a very powerful tool to be used for the deployment of customer-centric transformational change programs within the organization to be able to kick off based on collected customer insights as well as to see the results of actualized activities.”

Ender ErtuğralFormer Director Extended ExCom Member - CustomerExperience & Customer 4.0


"We've Had a Really Quick Implementation Process."

"The tool is powerful enough to analyze huge raw data. The team is also great and you can negotiate with them about your needs and if your needs add value to both your organization and the product, new feature development speed is really fast."

Ahmet TirakioğullarıCustomer Experience Manager


"Pisano Allows Us to Have a Holistic View on the Experience of Our Customers"

"At Zorlu Enerji, at every channel, we listen to our customers’ experience for every touch point and transaction in real-time, and analyse all the insights within Pisano platform.”

Onur PekerCustomer Experience & Call Center Manager