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Deliver a Seamless and Personalized E-Commerce Experience and Meet High Customer Expectations

Deliver a personalized and smooth shopping experience to your customers with Pisano's CX solution. From fast and reliable shipping to hassle-free returns, our solution helps you exceed customer expectations and maximize your revenue.

Join the Ranks of Companies Thriving with Pisano Platform's Exceptional Experience Management

Pisano helps you to measure the experience of all your customers who make transactions from your website and mobile application, listen to them and improve your processes.   

Manage customer experience processes with customized content and advanced reporting capabilities from all touch points for your company in the e-commerce sector on a single platform.

Discover the World of Possibilities with Pisano


  • You can measure the experience of your customers who receive services from your digital channels by reaching them instantly or after the specified action period. 
  • Based on the time spent on your website or mobile application and product category, segment, 
  • At the end of the processes such as becoming a member, placing an order, adding the product to the cart, receiving the order,  
  • You can set up different events at any point you want and trigger the surveys you want from the channel you want if they are successful (mobile push, e-mail, SMS, web popup, mobile SDK).
How To Integrate Touchpoints into your e-Commerce Brand

Touchpoints of Customer Journey in the e-Commerce Industry

An Example of Journey:
Sign up -> Add to Cart -> Purchase -> Delivery -> Installation -> After Sales Services

Measure the product experience by categorizing the points of contact of your e-commerce company with customers.  

Analyse the feedback you collect on a channel basis by setting up separate channels specific to all touch points.

Sample Setup for the Purchase Phase

Your customers can buy products via website or mobile app. Measure both channel and purchase experience by creating separate flows for all different scenarios.

Hierarchical Authorization

Manage all units from a single point with breakdowns based on department, product group and ordering region by creating the organisation tree of your company. Report and analyse the feedback you collect at any scale.  

In Pisano, you can determine who can access the platform and how. You can assign each user in your team according to their authorisation area and allow them to report. 


  • You can identify the pain points of your customers or potential customers who make transactions through your website or mobile application, whether during or at the end of the transaction, on the basis of product category, and make your measurements in satisfaction, effort, recommendation and special metrics that you will determine.   
  • In addition to all the question types you may want to use, you can run automatic categorization and text analysis processes according to the answers you will receive in open-ended questions.
Take The Advantage of Rich Content Options

Content Templates for e-Commerce Industry

More than 10 flow templates for all touch points of the E-Commerce. 

With more than 30 question formats (CSAT, NPS, CES, Matrix, Ranking, Text etc.), easily prepare the content you want.

Multi-Language Support You can publish the flows you design in Pisano in more than 40 languages and enable your customers to leave feedback in their native language. 
Live Messaging and Chatbot

Offer personalised promotions by initiating instant conversations with live chat and chatbot solutions and triggering certain flows throughout the dialogue. 

When collecting data through anonymized channels such as websites and QR codes, obtain GDPR permissions of customers who want to share their personal information and provide instant feedback to them.


  • Make use of our "Web Widget" and "Link" channels where your customers can leave feedback through your website and mobile app. 
  • Collect feedback through our "Email" or "SMS" channels by sending an email or SMS after your customer places an order or receives delivery. 
  • See the results of all channels in a single report while offering solutions and collecting feedback through chat bot and live support channels, and monitoring satisfaction, effort, and recommendation feedback.
Don't Take Just Our Word For It

377% Growth in Feedback Allowing 7% Increase in NPS

“The collaboration between Max & Pisano helped us integrating our country operations and stores to get a consolidated view and understanding of our customers’ experiences. It also generated positive customer experiences via distributing all insights within stores and Max management. Which actually created a ripple effect. Initially beginning with only 2 stores, we decided to grow into more than 200 stores in 8 countries and is consistently growing.”

Juan VegaHead of Strategic Projects, MAX

Close the Loop

  • It's very important to take action after receiving feedback. 
  • With Pisano, transfer feedback to the relevant department/unit with automatic and scheduled tasks when your customer leaves feedback. 
  • Immediately send product and service price-related problems to the relevant product responsible based on the product category, and order and payment-related problems to the relevant department. 
  • For customers who leave negative feedback, transfer their complaints to the complaint management unit with automatic tasks, and quickly take action to communicate with your customer without the experience resulting in a negative outcome.

Reports & Predictions


Create reports specific to your services or departments using Pisano. Users can follow these reports based on their permissions. 

Track product-based causes of dissatisfaction and pain points in services with instant reports based on CSAT and NPS scores for the product, the category, and the process.


Reach solutions that will grow your business with advanced analytics capabilities such as Quadrant Graph and CX matrix, text analysis developed with machine learning, categorization, and effect simulation supported by artificial intelligence.

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