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The Experience Management Platform Built to Get More Done

Meet the only solution that enables your business to manage customer support, marketing, sales, customer feedback and employee experience. All in a single, omnichannel platform.

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Reporting Dashboards

Turn data into insights and insights into action with Pisano's powerful reporting suite. Analyze qualitative and quantitative data side-by-side and quickly identify trends by combining experience data with operational data. Put everything into context with crystal clear customer journey maps and reduce friction to boost revenue and retention.


Let the machines take over — well, at least let them do the boring stuff. Automate repetitive tasks like categorizing & syncing data, triggering customer engagement sequences, Chatbots and more. Free up your team and let them focus on the things that truly matter.

Issues & Ticket Management

Streamline your issue management with an integrated ticketing solution. Have a single view of the customer with clearly visible engagement history and usage information. Eliminate the overhead from having to sync data across platforms and boost support efficiency.

Routing & Escalations

Don't miss a beat. Automatically route messages, feedback, issues and more to the right people in your organization. Escalate pressing issues to senior management to get more eyes on things to resolve challenges faster. And manage all of this simply through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface powered by Pisano's unique organizational hierarchy based data management system.

Surveys & Interactive Flows

Ask better questions and understand your employees, partners and customers better. Review and organize their responses centrally and boost collaboration across your business. Capture both structured and free-form data at scale and put your data to work.

CRM Contact Database

Don't waste time syncing between your CRM, contact center and experience management platform. Remove silos and have a single view of the customer where you can easily collaborate across teams and promote a culture of transparency.

Analytics & Event Tracking

Own your data. Track usage, engagement, conversion, satisfaction and more across all of your channels for a holistic view of your customer journey.  Identify trends and pain-points, empower yourself with data and make great decisions.

More Than Just Cool Tech

We know that cutting-edge technology alone is not enough to win in the new experience economy. That's why we built Pisano Academy. A free online knowledge base for your team to learn, share and grow.

Supercharge Your Platform

Choose from a comprehensive collection of advanced features to bring your experience management to the next level. Leverage advanced AI, special Enterprise features, customizable reporting and more to listen better, resolve faster and sell more today.

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