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Elevate Your Insurance Business with Pisano's Tailored Experience Management Solutions

Transform Your Insurance Business with a Customer-Centric Approach. Say Goodbye to Siloed Data, Complex Products, Slow Processes and Welcome Seamless, Personalized and Efficient Customer Experiences.

Join the Ranks of Companies Thriving with Pisano Platform's Exceptional Experience Management

Pisano enables your company to measure the experience of customers who transact through your agents, website, and live support channels, listen to them and improve your processes.  

Manage your customer experience processes on one platform, with customized content and advanced reporting capabilities, for your company in the insurance industry across all touchpoints.  

Discover the World of Possibilities with Pisano


  • Provide an even more personalized experience by reaching out to customers who receive service from your physical and digital touchpoints instantly or at any time of your choice.  
  • In addition to regional measurements such as district, city, and province, on digital channels, reach out to customers who request private pension services, make health insurance, and renew their policies to collect feedback on the process.  
  • Instantaneously collect feedback from every touchpoint where you provide service. 
How To Integrate Touchpoints Into Your Insurance Brand

Touchpoints of Customer Journey in the Insurance Industry

In the insurance sector, you can make measurements based on the regional directorate and agency throughout the customer journey. You can make measurements based on property, health, housing and traffic insurance while considering the services you offer, and you can see them with call centre and mobile application breakdowns.   

With Pisano, you can track and manage all points of contact with your customers through separate channels.  

Sample Scenario on Private Pension Plans Measure the difficulties your customers experience when they want to open or close a Private Pension Plans with customer effort score (CES). Increase customer satisfaction throughout the process by learning the pain points of the experience.
Hierarchical Authorization

Manage all units from a single point with store, city and region-based breakdowns by creating the organisation tree of your company. Report and analyse the feedback you collect at any scale.  

In Pisano, you can determine who can access the platform and how. You can assign each user in your team according to their authorisation area and allow them to report.


  • Send automatic surveys to customers who start insurance renewal on your website or app or who connect to the complaint management unit and request information after completing the transaction.  
  • Measure the special service provider and vehicle experience of customers who use attractive service and replacement tools in separate streams.  
  • In addition to metrics such as CSAT, NPS, and CES for your products and processes, identify pain points with open-ended questions. 
Take The Advantage of Rich Content Options

Content Templates for Insurance Industry

More than 10 flow templates for all touch points of the insurance industry. 

You can use personalised ready-to-use templates specific to product types such as health insurance, individual life insurance, car insurance and damage insurance, property and home insurance, or design your own surveys. 

With 21 different question formats (CSAT, NPS, CES, Matrix, Ranking, Text etc.), you can easily customise the content you want. 

Multi-Language Support You can publish the streams you design in Pisano in more than 40 languages and enable your customers to leave feedback in their native language.
Live Chat and ChatBot

Offer personalised promotions by initiating instant conversations with live chat and chatbot solutions and triggering certain flows throughout the dialogue. 

When collecting data through anonymised channels such as websites and QR codes, obtain GDPR permissions of customers who want to share their personal information and provide instant feedback to them.


  • Collect feedback from customers who renew their policies through email and SMS channels and from customers who request quotes for new policies through the website and app.  
  • Use the feedback you collect to improve the experience of your customers and increase their satisfaction.
Don't Take Just Our Word For It

Customer Centric Transformation with Pisano

"Pisano has a very agile organization and product mindset compared to its well-known competitors. Its application is easy. The platform's integration is very easy and even supports the use of teams with very little CX knowledge within the institution. It is a very powerful tool to initiate customer-centric transformation within the organization. It allows us to develop plans and strategies based on customer insights and the results of actual activities within the organization."

Ender ErtuğralCustomer Experience and Customer 4.0 Director

Close the Loop

  • Prepare automatic and scheduled tasks with Pisano and set up the notification infrastructure for the relevant units and departments when you receive feedback.  
  • Direct policy renewal requests from your customers to the relevant departments.  
  • Act quickly and turn the pain point into a pleasure point by transferring your customers who have negative feedback to the complaint management unit with automatic flows.

Reports & Insights


With Pisano, prepare reports specific to departments that only relevant team members can access about your service processes. Visualize and review metrics such as agency- or service-based CSAT, product-based dissatisfaction feedback, and after-service or overall NPS scores.


Reach solutions that will grow your business with advanced analytical competencies such as Quadrant Chart and CX matrices, as well as text analysis and categorization developed with machine learning and Impact Simulator supported by artificial intelligence. 

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