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Our Partner Program

Pisano, a robust SaaS Enterprise Voice of Customer application used by more than 100 customers from 20 countries. Our target market is Central & Eastern Europe and MENA. Our partners can provide VoC and End-to-end Experience Management solutions to their clients by: 

  • One-time integration with the call center, email, desk and SMS APIs to deploy super-efficient, scalable feedback collection setups. 
  • Position Pisano as the XM application within the solution portfolio for enterprise technology and CS / CX projects.

We are interested in meeting potential partners, including: Call Center Solution (CCaaS), Desk Solution, Email Gateway Provider, SMS Gateway Provider, CRM & Data Analytics Solution/Technology Provider, CX Consulting, System Integrators/SIs and Resellers/VARs. 


What do I need to do to become a Pisano Partner? You can start by filling out this form on the Pisano Partnership page. Then, our dedicated team will contact you and organize a meeting to share the Pisano Partnership model with you. 
How much does it cost to become a Pisano Partner? There is no cost to be a partner. Pisano offers its partners the opportunity to earn additional income through the projects they will implement together and to offer new services to their existing customers. 
What criterias are you looking in potential partners? Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) are the two main areas where Pisano provides solutions. Pisano would like to have knowledge and expertise in potential Partners in these areas; market potential, strategy, network, complementary products or services. There are three partner types under the Pisano Partnership program; sales, adaptation and maintenance. 
Which models do you work with Partners? We work with Partners as Reseller and Referral models. 
Will Pisano be with the Partner at the sales meetings? Yes, we run the first 3 sales opportunities side by side with our Partners in order to ensure the Pisano product and business model competence. In this process, sales meetings, Pisano product presentations and document sharings are carried out with the support of the Pisano team. When support is requested for any reason until the necessary competencies are formed in our Partner, the Pisano team continues its close working process. 
Is integration with other products required during project implementation? It varies according to the situation. Although usually not required for simple projects, a decision will be made between the partner and Pisano for complex projects. 
Is training provided to Pisano Partners? What types of training are provided? After the signing of the Pisano Partnership agreement; introduction, sales training and Pisano platform demo trainings will be held with Pisano sales and business development teams. Subsequently, the Pisano team will participate  in the customer meetings with the Partner to provide necessary information about the platform and business model. The required documents and information will also be sent to you as Business Partner Pisano Kit. 
How long is the project transition period before going live? It may differ according to wants and needs. Depending on the package and scope used by the customers, the whole transition can take from a few days to (e.g. On-premise installation) to 2 months. 
How long is the customer contract period? A standard Pisano customer contract is a subscription based 24 or 36-month contract. 
How does the Pisano’s support process functions when there is a question or request from a customer to the Partner? For questions and requests during the customer acquisition process; Pisano Business Development, Business Partnerships and Sales teams will coordinate the relevant teams such as Customer Success and Presales within Pisano. Pisano Customer Support teams will support our customers in the most appropriate way for questions and requests that may come after customer acquisition. 
Which other Business Partners do you work with? You can reach the current list of our Partners via this link. 
Can we offer our customers other solutions along with Pisano solutions?

Yes. Pisano is a product in the technology ecosystem that complies with other solutions, not competing with them, such as CRM, call center, marketing automation and SMS/E-mail services. It is a product that works together and integrated. 

With the necessary integrations, you can achieve more efficient results by transferring data to the Pisano platform, as well as transferring the data processed and created by Pisano to different platforms. You can generate new business results, insights and value for your customers. 

Meet Our Partners

Pisano continues to grow with new business partners. We are proud to partner with leading technology brands that offer value-added solutions.


AloTech is the web based solution running on Google and the first and currently the only call center platform in the world which is powered by Google.



Grow Digital

Grow Digital provides you with fully managed services and ready-made solutions to establish, market and manage your business. One-stop shop for retail business.




Kolay is a SaaS platform specialized in HR management for SMEs and enterprises, helps manage HR management tasks across devices.




NETAŞ offers innovative value added end-to-end systems integration solutions and technology services to a diverse multi-vertical customer base.




NTT DATA is a trusted global innovator of IT and business services, serving in more than 50 countries, enabling customers to move towards the digital future.




Procat is the first Call Center Hotel (CCH) concept in Turkey, helps to transform and benchmark contact centres to be amongst the best in the world.



Related Digital Group

Related Digital Group is a leading email marketing and cross-channel campaign management solution with euromessage flagship company.




SmartMessage is a integrated all in one omni-channel marketing solution, provide a boutique solution through its easy integration feature.




VOXAL is a consulting company delivering customer experience strategy advice, training, measurement and data analysis services.




TerzionDX is offering sustainable infrastructure with the discovery, analysis, standardization, automation and monitoring of existing processes CX + DX.

Terzion DX (8)



As a global systems integrator, WCS facilitates digital innovation in businesses with technology solutions to address digital transformation.

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Pisano and Finsuretechs help clients develop great customer, distributor, and employee  experiences with deep tool and insurance industry knowledge. 




With the Microsoft Azure platform, Pisano offers a highly secure and scalable experience platform journey in a hybrid cloud structure. 

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Redesign Business

Redesign Business is a strategic innovation and service design company helping corporate companies redesign their culture and business.


ATP Digital

ATP Digital is a leading enterprise IT solutions provider that guides corporate clients end-to-end on their digital transformation journeys.

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Mplus discovers, constructs and automates 
business processes to flourish CX
optimization and accelerate growth.

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TCXA™ 24

The TCXA™, organised by Awards International, is the Türkiye edition of CXA®, the world’s first and most significant celebration of CX practice.

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Apply to Become a Partner

We offer partnership opportunities to share our passion for Voice of Customer and Total Experience.