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Transform Your Travel Brand with Customized and Integrated Customer Experience Management

With Pisano Customer Experience Solution, You Can Tackle The Difficulties of Data Management, Meet High Expectations, Deliver Consistency, Resolve Complaints, And Keep Up With Changing Customer Preferences

Join the Ranks of Companies Thriving with Pisano Platform's Exceptional Experience Management

Pisano helps you to measure your customers' experiences, listen to the experience and improve your processes through contact points such as ticket office, airport, train station, hotel, website and mobile application where your customers interact with you.   

Manage customer experience processes on a single platform with customized content and advanced reporting capabilities at all touch points for your company in the travel industry.

Discover the World of Possibilities with Pisano


  • Prepare a more special experience by instantly reaching your customers who shop at your physical and digital points of sale and benefit from your service areas such as airports, inflight, hotels, stations.  
  • Build the customer journey and establish data-based communication with content and question sets specific to touchpoints.  
  • Delegate your internal reporting processes with country, region, city, airport or hotel breakdowns.
How to integrate Touchpoints into your Travel Brand

Touchpoints of Customer Journey in the Travel Industry

Potential Customer -> Purchase -> Service Usage -> Post-travel Services  

Measure the experience by categorising the points of contact of your company in the travel sector with your customers. 

Analyse the feedback you collect on a channel basis by setting up separate channels specific to all touchpoints.

Sample Setup for Pre-Flight Phase Your customers can buy their travel ticket via the website, mobile app or by visiting your ticket offices. Measure both channel and purchase experience by creating separate flows for all different scenarios.
Hierarchical Authorization

Manage all units from a single point with flight, airport and region-based breakdowns by creating the organization tree of your institution. Report and analyze the feedback you collect at any scale.  

In Pisano, you can determine who can access the platform and how. You can assign each user in your team according to their authorization area and allow them to report.


  • Reach your customers who buy or use your services with touchpoint-specific content personalized in more than 40 languages.  
  • Gather insights about personal or processes and find solutions to pain points with specific location-based satisfaction questions such as flight, accommodation, airport, hotel, brand recommendation score and open-ended comments.  
  • Categorize your customers based on behavior and needs with regular communication as well as one-time surveys.
Take The Advantage of Rich Content Options

Maximizing Feedback with Enhanced Content in Travel

More than 10 flow templates for all touch points of the travel industry.

With more than 30 question formats (CSAT, NPS, CES, Matrix, Ranking, Text etc.), easily prepare the content you want.

Multi-Language Support You can publish the flows you design in Pisano in more than 40 languages and enable your customers to leave feedback in their native language.
Live Messaging and Chatbot

Offer personalised promotions by initiating instant conversations with live chat and chatbot solutions and triggering certain flows throughout the dialogue. 

When collecting data through anonymized channels such as websites and QR codes, obtain GDPR permissions of customers who want to share their personal information and provide instant feedback to them.


  • Collect instant feedback with sms or emails sent after booking confirmation with transaction-based triggers.  
  • Listen to the voice of the customer from your digital touchpoints via plugins and from your physical touchpoints via QR code.
  • Easy integration process with ready-to-use and easy-to-implement solutions

Close the Loop

  • Improve the overall experience by taking action instantly after collecting feedback.  
  • Start the feedback process before your customer leaves the store with Pisano automated tasks and escalations.  
  • Close the customer's experience loop by assigning the user, sending an email alert, sending an instant message to the regional manager or store manager's phone, or transferring a record to your call center to be called. 

Reports & Insights


Prepare authorization-based reports specific to all touchpoints and channels with Pisano. 

Track airport- and hotel-based CSAT scores, product-based reasons for customer dissatisfaction, and pain points in the service they receive with instant reports.


Reach solutions that will grow your business with advanced analytical capabilities such as Quadrant Graph and CX matrix, as well as machine learning-enhanced text analysis and categorization and an AI-powered Impact Simulator.

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