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Exceptional Experiences, Irresistible Products

Track usage across offline, mobile and web channels. Know what users think and how they feel about your product. Make your products irresistible with Pisano's feedback, analytics and segmentation solutions

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360° View of the Customer

Capture user sentiment, collect usage data, segment customers and analyze behaviour. Empower your product teams with a unified, single view of the customer.

Flexible User Feedback

Capture feedback and monitor customer sentiment with key metrics like NPS, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort Score and more. Streamline your UX and remove friction throughout the user journey.

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Powerful Analytics & Screen Recording

Understand how users engage with your product with screen recordings and custom event analytics. Combine usage data with experience data to proactively increase conversion, retention and get customers hooked.

Go Beyond User Experience

Don't limit yourself to your product experience. Unleash the power of a fully featured experience management suite with Workflow Automation, Support Ticketing, Feedback Management, Contact Management CRM, Enterprise Reporting and more.

Mix and Match the Right Packages for You

Manage UX across all your channels and ensure seamless experiences across your mobile, web and offline products and services.

Digital User Experience

Capture feedback, analyze product usage and make digital products your customers can't live without.

Offline User Experience

Conduct focus groups, user surveys and user testing programs. Bring your offline UX research into your digital experience management platform.
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