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PisanoJul 5, 2022 10:58:12 AM1 min read

Case Study: Pisano Helped Max to Achieve 377% Growth in Feedback

Customer experience management and listening to the Voice of Customer provide important insights and advantages for companies to manage their business processes. Listening to the voice of the customer and understanding their needs, together with their feedback, in all sectors where the customer is directly or indirectly contacted, gives important clues to provide better service.

As an experience management platform, we help companies listen to the "Voice of the Customer" with our holistic approach and end-to-end customer experience management services at Pisano and work to establish a stronger bond with their customers.

Max is Landmark Group’s leading value fashion brand offering clothing, accessories and footwear for the entire family. Landmark Group is one of the largest retail and hospitality organizations in the Middle East, Africa and India, creating exceptional value since 1973.

Max has a strong presence with over 325 stores across 16 countries and employs over 8,000 people from multiple nationalities across its network.

With 6 million square feet of retail space dedicated to trendy value fashion, the fashion brand is selling more than 190 Million products for women, men and children annually.

Max wanted to measure customer experience and react quickly by engaging with the store visitors and resolving their issues in real-time.

The goal was to define the pain points in the store via getting in-store experience feedback in all territories. Additionally, the senior management wanted to see the full picture of the store team's performance since the NPS (Net Promoter Score) metric correlates to all territories' sales numbers and is an excellent indicator for the performance of different store teams.

Thanks to Pisano dynamic survey builder tool, the Max team is collecting CSAT and NPS data, Store visit pain point insights, and Ad-hoc researches in addition to Store visitors’ contact data that allows them to close the loop in real-time.

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