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Ready to step into the future of experience management?

Leo helps you craft pinpoint surveys, gain deeper insights, simplify away your repetitive load and much more in the blink of an eye.

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Powered by AI: A New Era for Experience Professionals

Leo, the AI assistant for experience management professionals, is here to supercharge your efficiency and expectations leveraging the power of AI. 
Go beyond human limitations and see how keeping XM on Autopilot saves effort and time, facilitating a focus on the broader perspective.

Boost the Impact of Your Surveys in Milliseconds 

Leo, your intelligent experience management (XM) assistant, empowers you to craft highly effective surveys with ease. Design or update your surveys with clear, insightful questions that delve deep into the customer or employee journey, eliminating ambiguity. 

AI-Powered Survey Building

Stop wasting time building surveys from scratch. With Leo-Generate Survey, you can say goodbye to tedious hours spent crafting questions and formatting survey flows. Our intelligent platform harnesses your inputs, needs, and customer segments to automatically generate surveys tailored to perfection. 


Dynamic Optimisation

Need to tweak an existing survey? No problem! Leo can help you update your current surveys based on your specific requests, keeping your feedback collection process efficient. Whether it's adding new questions, modifying existing ones, or fine-tuning the survey flow, Leo's expertise ensures that your surveys remain up-to-date and aligned with your evolving needs. 


Ensure Clarity for All

Leo analyses your audience, and ensures your questions are understood by your customers or employees, regardless of their background or expertise. This not only maximizes engagement but also generates insights that truly matter to your business. 


Reach Beyond Human Limits: See Further, Decide Smarter 


Leo’s focus extends beyond mere data collection; it revolves around the discovery of valuable insights. Leverage the capabilities of AI to delve deeper into your survey responses and reports, thereby uncovering hidden insights that conventional analysis methods may overlook. 

Uncover Deeper Meaning

Dive beneath the surface with Leo's AI analysis, uncovering patterns and emotions within your data, whether it pertains to customers or employees. By understanding your audience on a deeper level, you gain insights that drive meaningful action and foster stronger connections.


Flash Forward From Reports to Decisions

Leo empowers users to gain deep insights from complex reports, transforming data into strategic action through intelligent analytics, and actionable recommendations, all designed to propel informed, data-driven decision-making. 

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Effortless Personalization & Automation: The Key to Happy Customers & Success


Feeling the burn of slow response times and impersonal customer service? Leo facilitates personalized responses and automates task generation based on sentiment. This translates to a more efficient workflow, driving business success. 

Close the Loop on Customer Feedback

Leo uses advanced NLP and machine learning to analyze feedback, allowing you to generate automated responses with greater empathy. With its sophisticated algorithms, Leo can discern subtle nuances in language, helping you craft responses that resonate deeply with your audience. 


Boosting Efficiency with Automated Tasks

Leo cuts through the busywork. It automatically creates tasks, triggers notifications, and generates reports based on customer feedback. With Leo handling the repetitive tasks, your team's energy is freed up to focus on the bigger picture. 

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Focus on What Matters Most: Understanding Your Customers and Employees


With Leo handling the technicalities, you're free to focus on what truly matters: your audience. Boost completion rates, drive positive change, and watch your business thrive, whether it's enhancing customer satisfaction or improving employee engagement. 

Boost Completion Rates

Say goodbye to frustrating drop-offs with Leo's expert survey design. Through meticulously crafted question wording and structure, Leo ensures respondents remain engaged throughout the process. This, in turn, guarantees you collect a comprehensive and valuable data set, be it from your valued customers or dedicated employees.

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Drive Positive Change

To ensure enduring success, consistently exceeding expectations remains paramount. Armed with Leo's insights, you're equipped to make strategic moves that delight both your customers and employees. By tailoring your offerings and experiences to their desires, you'll forge lasting relationships and pave the way for success.


Take Control of Your Experience Management Journey with Leo by Your Side

Consult our experience management solution architects to learn more about how to get started.