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A Single View of Your Customers, Partners, Clients and Employees

Keep track of the engagement history of your customers, partners, employees and B2B clients. Take notes, collaborate, segment them into groups, track their To-Do's and more — all from a centralized view of your business.

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Change The Way You Think About CRM Software

Supercharge your database with experience data from every touch-point across your organization. Have greater context around all your engagement and make more informed decisions.

Team Collaboration

Keep track of meeting notes, To-Do's, contract status, assignees and related issues in a central repository of all your contacts. Boost collaboration and transparency across teams, reduce the number of tools within your technology stack.


Take your marketing & outreach to the next level with laser-sharp targeting based on demographics, feedback history, buying behaviour and more. Streamline the customer journey across channels and multiple touch points, boost conversion rates.

Imports & Exports

Plug in your existing solutions to your experience management platform to share data easily and securely. Eliminate data silos in your organization and create a culture of transparency.

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