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Fueling Growth with Customer Experience Management

Harness the power of the Voice of the Customer to gather feedback, generate insights, and develop strategies that boost loyalty, prevent churn, and fuel measurable business growth.

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Listen to Your Customers, Everywhere

Only by listening to your customers' feedback at every touchpoint without limits can you discover the true growth potential hidden beneath the surface.

Pisano's Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform gives you exactly this superpower you need.

Collect Omnichannel Feedback

Tired of missing the full story? Businesses often struggle with fragmented customer feedback, relying on limited data points that don't reflect the entire customer journey.  Pisano bridges the gap by offering omnichannel feedback collection across all touchpoints.

Transactional Experience Management

Automate pulse- and transaction-based feedback collection via email and SMS.

Digital Experience Management Collect Feedback on your website and mobile app with forms and QR codes.
Offline Experience Management Integrate your brick-and-mortar channels into your digital workflow using feedback tablets and QR codes.

Go Beyond the Survey Limits

With Pisano, you can design unlimited surveys perfectly tailored to your audience segments and touchpoints, maximizing response rates.
Choose from a variety of question formats to gather rich insights and personalize the experience by presenting relevant questions based on responses.

Manage & Automate Feedback Data

Pisano is an all-in-one Enterprise Feedback Management platform with detailed reporting and deep analytic capabilities.

Manage your data effortlessly, analyze customer feedback in depth and be tuned with your organizational hierarchy while listening to your customer.

Manage Data Effortlessly

Ditch the spreadsheet chaos! Pisano helps you organize a mountain of feedback data with ease. Categorize, tag, and filter feedback data by what matters most - channel, keywords, sentiment -. Pisano even connects seamlessly with your CRM or marketing tools, making your feedback data a goldmine of insights.


Analyze Feedback in Depth

Stuck with feedback that only points out problems?  Pisano goes beyond the surface. 
Its powerful text and sentiment analysis tools unlock the "why" behind every comment while Pisano's AI capabilities tag and categorize open-ended responses, revealing what matters most.
In this way, you can see trends and opportunities hidden in your feedback.

Automate Wisely

Focus on what matters most while Pisano handles the rest. Design personalized messages that answer customer questions instantly. Set up real-time alerts triggered by events, responses, or deadlines and automate actions based on your specific needs. 

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Be in Tune With Your Organizational Hierarchy

Want to manage feedback within a complex business environment? Pisano simplifies! Build a visual hierarchy that mirrors your organization, whether it's departments, branches, regions, or specific roles. Ensure everyone has the precise permissions, privileges, and assignments they need to be productive, without compromising security. 

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See the Story Behind the Insights

Fast customized appealing and usable content creates a relatable context. Behavioral and operational data become useful information when interpreted and integrated.

Visualise Hassle-Free

Pisano's intuitive interface removes the coding barrier. Craft insightful, easy-to-share reports tailored to any level of detail, from high-level overviews to granular analyses of specific segments, timeframes, or touchpoints. Leverage pre-built industry dashboards for a quick start, or create custom views that perfectly align with your unique business needs. 

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Track Your Overall Success

Pisano empowers you to understand what drives customer happiness. It cuts through complex data, revealing the metrics that impact your business most. See customer satisfaction directly linked to success.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Understand customer loyalty and advocacy, identifying your promoters and detractors.
Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Gauge satisfaction with specific interactions, pinpointing areas for improvement.
Customer Effort Score (CES) Measure the ease of doing business with you, ensuring a frictionless customer journey.

Take a Broad View of Your Customer Journeys

Pisano helps you get a deeper view of your customer journey maps, making it easy to identify areas where your customers might get stuck and uncover hidden opportunities to delight them at every touchpoint.


Take Action and Drive Results

Knowing and understanding the experiences and expectations do not mean anything unless you are ready to act on this information. Process data for actionable knowledge and transform feedback into gold that is more than just a pot at the end of the rainbow.

Close the Feedback Loop

Turn feedback into action and show your customers their voices matter. Pisano helps you respond promptly and thoughtfully, address concerns, and implement improvements. By keeping customers informed about the actions you've taken, Pisano empowers you to showcase your commitment to their satisfaction and build stronger relationships.


Drive Growth & Prevent Churn

Pisano empowers you to proactively identify customers at risk of churn and implement targeted strategies to increase retention, turning every insight into a potential pot of gold. By surfacing negative sentiment and churn indicators early, eliminate inefficiencies, and measure the return on your efforts.


Leave the Competition Behind

Traditional methods leave blind spots, but Pisano empowers you to see what others miss. Imagine prioritizing the right improvements, exceeding expectations at every turn, and staying ahead of the curve - all fueled by the invaluable insights Pisano provides. Don't just compete, lead the way.
Pisano recognized as a

Customers’ Choice for Voice of the Customer Platforms on Gartner Peer Insights™

Pisano met or exceeded the market average Overall Experience and market average User Interest and Adoption.
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A Leader in Voice of the Customer Market

"Pisano provides a comprehensive VoC platform to gather, analyze, and interpret consumer feedback data that enables organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers, resulting in better decision-making and increased customer satisfaction.''
Preshit Parab Analyst, at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions
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A Global VoC
Pioneer Recognized by Gartner

Pisano is chosen among the top 10 players in the global market in Gartner's 2024 Magic Quadrant report.

Learn why Pisano would be the perfect VoC partner to team up with a trusted industry leader and elevate your customer experience.


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