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Listen and Drive Exceptional Experiences

Listening to customers and employees is more important than ever. Gain the insight you need to deliver the best experiences with Pisano's wide range of Feedback and Data Capture solutions.

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Measure User, Customer and Employee Experience across all your channels in B2B and B2C.

Customer Experience

Drive sustainable business growth by delighting customers at every stage of the customer journey. Transform pain-points into pleasure-points and create loyal customers that keep coming back for more.

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Employee Experience

Monitor employee engagement continuously across your organization to ensure a culture of trust, transparency and customer-centricity. Build high performing teams that deliver better results by driving employee engagement. Act quickly and decisively on issues to empower every team member to be able to do their life's work.
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B2B Experience

Leverage customer experience management to gain a unique vantage point in your industry. Build trusting relations with every account stakeholder at every stage of the B2B customer journey. Deliver novel experiences to develop life long relationships, prevent churn and boost upsell & expansion revenue.

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User Experience

Optimize conversion rates across your digital products by combining analytics with real user feedback. Establish an agile culture of action by empowering your teams with unparalleled insight into the user experience.
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Market Research

Secure your position by gaining deep insight into your market, branding, products, pricing and competitors.  Put Pisano's omnichannel research tools to work and manage all your research and insight under one platform.
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