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Tailor-made Insights at Your Fingertips

Pisano offers meaningful insights equipped with advanced reporting and data analytics features. 


Simulate Your CX Strategy

We are in the heart of the age of data, where almost everything is easier and more efficient to be done when powered by data. Customer experience is no exception. Pisano helps your business’ CX efforts to improve even more through its advanced features at Pisano Insights. 

Quadrant Chart

Using the Insights module, you are able to find out the most crucial information about your customers in the blink of an eye. The customizable Quadrant Chart can show you the number of feedback collected in addition to numerous variables such as NPS, CSAT or Sentiment Score. With different filters for metrics and channels and the option to have innumerable charts, the Quadrant Chart will turn into the ultimate jack of all trades in your toolbox. 


The Impact Simulator

The Impact Simulator of the Insights module enhances the analysis capabilities, even more, utilizing advanced analytical models from Quadrant Chart and AI-powered prediction. You will have access to the NPS data from the past and predictions for the future of this metric via tools like trend graphs for various periods. Giving you the approach to forecast what would any changes in any factor driving the NPS score and to prioritize, act and invest accordingly. 


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