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Streamline Your Operations with Automated Workflows

Unlock the true potential of Pisano with our powerful workflow feature. By designing workflows for your processes, you can seamlessly automate data management and communication, making your operations more efficient than ever before. Accessing data, scheduling tasks, and gathering feedback is now quick and effortless with our easy-to-integrate, all-in-one platform.

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Supercharge Your Enterprise with Workflows

Unlock the power workflows for your enterprise and achieve accelerated efficiency, optimized customer interactions, maximized campaign impact, and leverage intelligent feedback to elevate your experience management and stay organized and on track. Embrace seamless automation and targeted processes to streamline operations and make informed decisions for unmatched success.

Maximize Campaign Impact with Smart Workflows

Campaign-based workflows allow you to take your customer interactions to a whole new level. Define the next tasks based on the status of your campaigns, allowing you to send targeted reminder surveys to your customers. Our omni-channel management directs customers to different channels, significantly boosting feedback rates and enhancing your campaign's success.

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Transform Feedback into Action with Intelligence

Make the most out of customer feedback by leveraging Pisano's Feedback Based Workflow. When feedback is received, intelligently define the next steps based on its content. Customize responses, enrich customer data, and assign queries to the necessary units or systems, especially in the case of negative feedback, allowing you to learn more about your customers and enhance their experience.

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Effortless Task Planning and Execution

Stay on top of your tasks and schedules with Pisano's Time-Based Workflow. Whether it's daily, weekly, monthly, or variable periods, you can easily define and manage tasks with quota and threshold values. Seamlessly communicate with your customers and process data from various sources, such as your central database, FTP environment, or web services, allowing you to run your processes efficiently and flawlessly.

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Unlock the Power of Pisano Workflows



Data Management

Streamline processes and automate data management for enhanced efficiency.



Campaign Management

Optimize customer interactions and boost campaign success with targeted campaigns.


Intelligent Feedback Processing

Make decisions by leveraging intelligent feedback workflows to enhance XM.

Supercharge Your Enterprise with Pisano Workflows

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