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Get Your Best People On The Right Issues

Automatically route issues, feedback and messages to the right people in your company. Ensure that standards are met with rule-based escalations that notify team leaders and managers on un-resolved issues or things that just slip by.

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Don't Let Anything Slip Between The Cracks

Stop spending precious time manually forwarding emails to team members and taking unorganized notes & reminders for follow-ups. Automate your workflow and boost your productivity.

Time Based Escalations

Escalate issues to team leaders and managers automatically based on rules you define. Bubble up tickets, feedback and messages when they're not commented on, read, responded to or resolved on time. Easily ensure support and engagement standards are met at scale.


Round-Robin Routing

Manage tasks across large teams with intelligent agent "load balancing". Ensure no one on your team is overwhelmed with issues and things go as smoothly as possible. Easily manage shifts with away status settings and make your customer engagement workforce more efficient.

SMS, Email and Push Notifications

Setup alerts across a multitude of channels to make sure you get notified when significant things happen. Act quickly and resolve issues efficiently to delight customers across all channels and touch-points.

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