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PisanoJun 29, 2022 1:08:37 PM1 min read

Pisano Welcomes Sodexo BRS Turkey to Provide Better Customer Experience

Sodexo, the world's largest employer of French origin, carries out its activities in the fields of integrated service management, personal and home care services, and advantage and rewarding services by serving 100 million consumers a day in 80 countries.

Sodexo Avantaj ve Ödüllendirme Hizmetleri A.Ş., the Turkish branch of Sodexo Benefits and Reward Services, believes that employee satisfaction is the basis of companies' performance, and aims to improve the living standards of employees and increase their motivation. To achieve this goal, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are inevitable targets. This is why Sodexo Avantaj started its journey to improve customer experience and obtain the long-term loyalty of its customers.

Having designed a great experience journey for its customers, the next step for Sodexo Avantaj to improve its customer experience was to measure it across all touchpoints. Pisano explained to Sodexo customer experience teams the importance of collecting feedback from all channels on a single platform as well as how to collect feedback, how customer experience measurements should be made based on feedback and which metrics should be used.

Sodexo Avantaj customer experience team also evaluated Pisano's strong references in customer experience and successful results with international customers. They believed that they would achieve successful results in customer experience with the omnichannel structure and robust reporting capabilities of the Pisano platform. Pisano's ability to collect feedback from all touchpoints, as well as its hierarchical structure that can be customized for Sodexo Avantaj, were the most important reasons for choosing Pisano.

Sodexo Avantaj and Pisano decided to cooperate in closing the loop and improving customer experience management.