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Apr 13, 2022 2:45:00 PM1 min read

Case Study: How Pisano Helped Energy Sector to Get More Feedback

Customer experience management and listening to the Voice of Customer provide important insights and advantages for companies to manage their business processes. Listening to the voice of the customer and understanding their needs, together with their feedback, in all sectors where the customer is directly or indirectly contacted, gives important clues to provide better service.

As an experience management platform, we help companies listen to the "Voice of the Customer" with our holistic approach and end-to-end customer experience management services at Pisano and work to establish a stronger bond with their customers. Thanks to the service we provide for Aydem, Yepaş and Zorlu Energy operating in the energy sector and the tools to listen to the Voice of the Customer, they saw how they can improve their companies, processes and touchpoints.

Companies in the energy industry were able to identify and implement solutions for their goals using Pisano. Companies in the energy industry using Pisano;

  • Met with the increasing customer expectations,
  • Managed the customer journey with instant actions,
  • Aquired the ability to report the experience management process,
  • Hierarchical measurement of Action - Section - Branch performances

Eventually, they worked towards their goals and improved the overall customer experience.

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