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Listen to Voice of Customer with Pisano

CX, CEM, VoC, CES, NPS, CSAT, CLV, ROI, or Churn Over Retention.

Whe know that when acronyms take over, the real meaning gets blurry.

Experience is mainly about human emotions. On the other hand, Experience Management is expected to be as efficient and predictable as engineering.

Is that even possible? Learning it is just one click away with Pisano.

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A Platform That Was Born for Voice of Customer

Embrace Clarity: Unleash the Power of CX, CEM, VoC, CES, NPS, CSAT, CLV, ROI, or Churn Over Retention. Experience revolves around human emotions, yet Experience Management aspires to match the precision of engineering, which is what Pisano just does.

Transform feedback into gold that is more than just a pot at the end of the rainbow.

Discrepancy between Perception and Reality

A study from Bain & Company found that 80 percent of companies believe that they deliver "super experiences." However, research shows only 8 percent of customers agree.

This is the reason we collect feedback - to make the Voice of Customer and Voice of Employees be heard.


Pisano: Bridging the Gap

Pisano is an essential tool in the Experience Management industry, bridging the management gap between human experiences and their feedback on various touch points at every stage - from research to post-sales interactions, beyond just simple product and services evaluation.

Comprehensive Feedback Management

Pisano is an all-in-one Enterprise Feedback Management platform with detailed reporting and deep analytic capabilities.

Reports do have a meaning, but only for those who know the value of these precious insights.

Almost every company knows how important the experience of a customer or an employee is; however, they either do not focus on collecting the correct feedback or they do not even act on this collection.


Introducing Total Experience

This is where Pisano introduces a brand-new concept - Total Experience.

Total Experience is not just about the experience of a product or service. It involves your employee user and brand experience on all touch points.


Listening and Understanding

Pisano's first function is to listen and understand. Expanding the feedback data in size, quality, and response rate at individual touchpoints goes beyond just surveys and polls.

Fast customized appealing and usable content creates a relatable context. Behavioral and operational data become useful information when interpreted and integrated.

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Tailored Solutions for Every Company

Every company has a specific customer and employee base, and therefore unique needs.

In order to have a proficient Experience Management, companies invest in various tools from Customer Relationship Management to contact centers, as well as any other tool that business channels require.



Streamlined Management with Pisano

Consolidating the management of these tools into one hassle-free platform with fast implementation and efficient rollout is what Pisano does on the surface. And beyond the surface, in over 30 countries.

Pisano is an essential partner in well-known brands’ worldwide success stories, empowering them to become better at what they do.


Constant Development and Support

Pisano itself is in constant development. Both as scalable software with no feedback and user limit, and as the dedicated team of individuals who provide the great customer-focused intimate care and outstanding service Pisano is known for. 


Reliable and Safe Platform

Pisano is a reliable and safe all-in-one platform. For instance, responses to open-ended messages are read by the text analytics tool faster and more consistently than a human ever can.

But that's not the trick. What’s more is that Pisano listens for the sentimental information in the text, tagging exactly what topics are talked about and warns the responsible persons when necessary.


Turning Data into Actionable Knowledge

So, your friendly neighborhood Pisano not only listens well but also processes data for actionable knowledge.

Knowing and understanding the experiences and expectations do not mean anything unless you are ready to act on this information. From measurement and reporting to insights, there is a path to be filled with action.


Seamless Automation

Once the automations are set via one simple and elegant UI, notifications and actions reach exactly who need to know, as well as practical advice on what needs to be done, making all data flow in seamless harmony.


Experience Adoption with Pisano

Pisano is the tool that increases experience adoption within companies. Every member of a company must know what experience their brand provides and how. So from operational teams to C-level executives, spreading experience insights across an organization requires active participation on every level.


Global Integration and Flexibility

Integrated through your systems, your office at headquarters becomes as close to the furthest branch in a remote area of the world as the welcome desk at the entrance in real-time. So flexible and agile, adapting to your company-specific systems and needs, that you may question how you managed without it for so long.


Mix and Match the Right Packages for You

From digital to brick-and-mortar you'll have anything you need to get closer to customers everywhere and create seamless customer journeys.

Transactional Customer Experience

Automated pulse and transaction-based feedback through email and SMS.

Digital Customer Experience

Capture feedback on your website and mobile  app.


Offline Customer Experience

Connect your brick-and-mortar channels to your digital workflow with feedback tablets and QR codes.

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It is so practical to use that it makes the job look easy. Pisano does just that.
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