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Unveil a Future Like No Other: Empowering NEOM with Pisano

Imagine a city unlike any other, a vibrant hub where innovation meets sustainability and human ingenuity, strengthened with a deep understanding of both the people and talent.

Pisano's comprehensive Voice of Customer (VoC) and Voice of Employee (VoE) solutions, powered by industry-leading capabilities, empower you to gather real-time insights, optimize operations, and build a thriving community at NEOM.

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In Single Platform

Real-time Insights, Transformative Action

Across every pillar of Vision 2030, Pisano empowers you to break down silos and achieve real-time understanding. Gather feedback from all stakeholders – citizens, businesses, employees – instantly through our easy-to-use surveys, polls, and feedback channels.

Leverage the power of unified data and real-time analytics to identify critical areas for improvement, track progress, and measure impact across the entire project landscape. Don't settle for fragmented insights.

Unify your Vision 2030 journey with Pisano.



Shape an Exceptional Work Environment

Through Pisano's omnichannel feedback collection, you can ensure everyone has a voice. By delving deeper into employee sentiment, identifying areas for improvement and translating these insights into actionable recommendations, you can address employee concerns and foster a positive work culture of engagement, attracting and retaining a passionate team that shapes the future of NEOM.

Shape an Exceptional Work Environment

Embrace a Sustainable Future

Gather and analyze feedback specifically focused on your sustainability efforts and continuously improve your initiatives, leveraging industry benchmarks and best practices for guidance.

Transparent communication allows you to showcase your commitment to sustainability and its positive impact on residents and stakeholders. This ensures a balance between cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility, leaving a lasting positive impact and fulfilling the vision of a sustainable future.


Boost Community Engagement

Understanding the needs and aspirations of potential residents and businesses is essential for building a thriving community.

Easily conduct targeted surveys to understand what matters most to residents and businesses. Track online chatter with social listening to gauge public perception of NEOM's efforts. Drive meaningful connections and foster a thriving community.

Boost Community Engagement

Build a Globally Connected Community

Targeted Outreach: Conducting targeted surveys and social listening across various international platforms allows you to gather insights from diverse demographics of potential residents and businesses on a global scale.

Multilingual Communication: Effective communication is essential for a global community. Pisano's multilingual capabilities ensure everyone feels welcome and understood within NEOM's multicultural community.

Tailored Service Offerings: Analyzing resident and business feedback allows you to tailor service offerings and amenities that cater to the specific needs and aspirations of NEOM's diverse population.

Build a Globally Connected Community

Unlock the Power of Total Experience

From digital to brick-and-mortar you'll have anything you need to get closer to customers and employees everywhere and create seamless customer journeys.


Build a Thriving and Diverse Community

Foster a welcoming and inclusive environment where residents and businesses of all backgrounds can flourish.


Attract and Retain Top Talent

Create an exceptional work environment that attracts and retains the world's brightest minds.


Achieve Ambitious Sustainability Goals

Drive cutting-edge advancements across various sectors, shaping a better future for all.

An Introduction to Total Experience

Welcome to the first stop on your journey through Total Experience Management. No matter how complicated your business's feedback system is, we'll walk you through how to get the most accurate feedback from your customers and employees.

Keep Learning with ROXI

From customers to employees, we will walk through everything about collecting the right feedback to understanding the right touchpoints.

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