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Total Experience Management Solutions for Each Pillar of Vision 2030

Pisano offers you the tools to gather, analyze, and act on feedback, empowering informed decision-making, improving public services, and realizing your ambitious goals to their fullest potential.

Unify and enhance omnichannel feedback collection effortlessly. Dive deep into detailed reporting and analysis of crucial metrics, amplify insights, and effortlessly enhance touchpoints to drive meaningful progress.

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Empowering Vision 2030 through

Real-time Engagement

Across every pillar of Vision 2030, Pisano empowers you to break down silos and achieve real-time understanding.

Gather feedback from all stakeholders – citizens, businesses, employees – instantly through our easy-to-use surveys, polls, and feedback channels.

Leverage the power of unified data and real-time analytics to identify critical areas for improvement, track progress, and measure impact across the entire project landscape. Don't settle for fragmented insights.

Discover how you can unify each pillar of Vision 2030 journey with Pisano.

Understanding Citizen Voices with Pisano:

Shaping a Vibrant Society


Citizen Satisfaction with Government Services

Real-time Feedback Analysis

Pisano's easy-to-use surveys and polls gather citizen feedback across various touchpoints (online, mobile, in-person). Real-time analysis identifies critical areas for improvement, while scalability ensures adaptation to evolving needs. Actionable insights empower government officials to make data-driven decisions, enhance service delivery, and increase citizen satisfaction.

Realtime Feedback Analysis
Public Spaces and Infrastructure

Beyond Traditional Surveys

Interactive polls and feedback widgets capture citizen perception of parks, transportation systems, and other infrastructure elements. Location-based insights reveal specific areas requiring attention, while visual and image feedback provides deeper understanding of citizen needs. Drive impactful infrastructure development and improve quality of life.

Beyond Traditional Surveys
Quality of Life

Deeper than Basic Satisfaction Metrics

In-depth surveys and feedback forums capture citizen perspectives on healthcare, education, and other essential services. Advanced sentiment analysis uncovers underlying concerns and aspirations. Actionable reports guide the development of policies and programs that create a truly thriving society for all.

Deeper than basic satisfaction metrics
Empowering Youth and Women

Targeted Surveys, Anonymous Feedback

Fostering meaningful participation from key demographics. Targeted surveys and online communities create safe spaces for youth and women to share their voices. Anonymous feedback encourages honest expression, while advanced analytics identify specific needs and aspirations. Empower inclusive decision-making and unlock the full potential of all citizens.

Targeted Surveys, Anonymous Feedback
Driving Economic Growth with Pisano:

Building a Thriving Economy


Business Sentiment and Regulatory Environment

B2B Surveys and Feedback Groups

Pisano bridges the gap between businesses and policymakers. B2B surveys and feedback groups capture business sentiment on regulations, bureaucracy, and ease of doing business. Actionable insights inform data-driven policy adjustments, foster a pro-business environment, and unlock economic growth.

B2B Surveys and Feedback Groups
Multi-Channel, Industry Specific Feedback Collection

Customer Experience Management in Various Sectors

Pisano empowers businesses across industries to excel. Multi-channel feedback collection captures customer voices at every touchpoint, from retail to banking to tourism. Industry-specific solutions ensure tailored insights, while predictive analytics identify potential issues and opportunities for improvement. Drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue growth.

CX Management in Various Sectors
Startup Surveys and Focus Groups

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Pisano helps cultivate a flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Startup surveys and focus groups identify challenges and opportunities faced by new ventures. Real-time insights inform policy measures and support programs, fostering innovation and driving economic diversification.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Building an Ambitious Nation with Pisano:

Investing in Future


Education System Effectiveness

Targeted Surveys and Feedback Loops for Actionable Data

Pisano bridges the gap between educators, students, and employers. Targeted surveys and feedback loops capture insights on curriculum, teaching methods, and skills development. Actionable data informs targeted improvements, ensures graduates are equipped for future jobs, and drives education transformation.

Targeted Surveys and Feedback Groups
Cultural Heritage and Tourism

Interactive Feedback Kiosks and Online Surveys

Amplifying the voices of visitors and stakeholders. Interactive feedback kiosks and online surveys capture visitor experiences at cultural sites and attractions. Sentiment analysis uncovers areas for improvement, while cultural insights inform initiatives that enhance tourism appeal and preserve heritage.

Interactive Feedback Kiosks
Knowledge-based Economy Development

From Employee Satisfaction to Predictive Analytics

Pisano equips the nation for the future. Skills surveys and workforce feedback channels identify skill gaps and emerging trends. Predictive analytics anticipates future workforce needs, guiding investments in education and training programs, and fostering a knowledge-based economy.

From Employee Satisfaction

Transforming the Kingdom with Pisano:

Enablers of Transformation


Digital Government Services

User Experience Surveys and A/B Testing

Pisano simplifies citizen engagement with government. User experience surveys and A/B testing optimize online platforms and e-services for ease of use and access. Actionable feedback drives continuous improvement, while real-time analytics ensure citizen satisfaction with digital government services.

User Experience Surveys
Sustainability Initiatives

Community Feedback and Sentiment Analysis

Pisano fosters public engagement with sustainability goals. Interactive surveys and online forums capture citizen perspectives on environmental initiatives. Community feedback informs policy development and drives behavior change, while sentiment analysis measures public awareness and progress towards sustainability goals.

Community Feedbacl and Sentiment Analysis
Pisano recognized as a

Customers’ Choice for Voice of the Customer Platforms on Gartner Peer Insights™

Pisano met or exceeded the market average Overall Experience and market average User Interest and Adoption.
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A Leader in Voice of the Customer Market

"Pisano provides a comprehensive VoC platform to gather, analyze, and interpret consumer feedback data that enables organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers, resulting in better decision-making and increased customer satisfaction.''
Preshit Parab Analyst, at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions
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Empower Your Vision 2030 Journey with Real-time Insights and Unified Action

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