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Your Experience Management Partner for Vision 2030

Pisano offers you the tools to gather, analyze, and act on feedback, empowering informed decision-making, improving public services, and realizing your ambitious goals to their fullest potential.

Unify and enhance omnichannel feedback collection effortlessly. Dive deep into detailed reporting and analysis of crucial metrics, amplify insights, and effortlessly enhance touchpoints to drive meaningful progress.

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Empowering Vision 2030 through

Real-time Engagement

Across every pillar of Vision 2030, Pisano empowers you to break down silos and achieve real-time understanding. Gather feedback from all stakeholders – citizens, businesses, employees – instantly through our easy-to-use surveys, polls, and feedback channels.

Leverage the power of unified data and real-time analytics to identify critical areas for improvement, track progress, and measure impact across the entire project landscape. Don't settle for fragmented insights.

Unify your Vision 2030 journey with Pisano.



Deliver Exceptional Experiences Everywhere

Seamlessly connect with your customers, employees, and stakeholders in real-time. Foster a culture of continuous feedback through real-time engagement and use the power of enhanced analytics features.

Pisano's Total Experience Management Platform (XM) provides you with a holistic view of sentiments across every interaction point. Collect actionable insights and drive data-driven enhancements.


Collect Realtime Feedback and Data

Shape your customer journeys and employee lifecycle effortlessly to match specific requirements. Collect feedback at every touchpoint and persona using tailored channels and questionnaires. Dive deep into analysis by blending in both indirect and inferred feedback for a comprehensive view.

Experience the natural flow of Pisano and watch your experiences transform effortlessly.

Collect Realtime Feedback and Data

Holistic Experience Management Solutions

Experience Pisano's 360° approach firsthand, gaining a complete understanding of sentiments across all touchpoints.

From NPS to Customer Satisfaction, from Customer Effort Score to Dynamic Analytics Events, Pisano provides everything you need to ask the right questions at the right time.

Act swiftly on feedback, addressing concerns and monitoring Close the Loop processes. Boost satisfaction and loyalty.

holistic experience management solutions

An Easy to Buy, Easy to Integrate, Easy to Use Platform

A groundbreaking 100% implementation success rate, with a staggering 95% of users going live in just 45 days, handling unlimited feedback, surveys, users, and roles with deep analytic capabilities beyond survey.

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Pisano recognized as a

Customers’ Choice for Voice of the Customer Platforms on Gartner Peer Insights™

Pisano met or exceeded the market average Overall Experience and market average User Interest and Adoption.
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A Leader in Voice of the Customer Market

"Pisano provides a comprehensive VoC platform to gather, analyze, and interpret consumer feedback data that enables organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers, resulting in better decision-making and increased customer satisfaction.''
Preshit Parab Analyst, at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions
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An Introduction to Total Experience

Welcome to the first stop on your journey through Total Experience Management. No matter how complicated your business's feedback system is, we'll walk you through how to get the most accurate feedback from your customers and employees.

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From customers to employees, we will walk through everything about collecting the right feedback to understanding the right touchpoints.

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More Than Just Cool Tech

Master the art and science of experience management. Learn from the leading industry professionals, access exclusive documents, guides, ebooks and more at Pisano Academy.

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Empower Your Vision 2030 Journey with Real-time Insights and Unified Action

Consult our experience management solution architects to  discover how Pisano can unlock the full potential of your goals.
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