Customer Experience Management with Pisano in 2019

Supercharge your CX with the Pisano platform

We're on a mission to make managing customer experience more simple and more delightful. And the team here at Pisano has been busy working on some super exciting new features that will bring us closer to to achieving our mission.

The new features we built into the platform reflect our broader strategy of enabling the most essential competencies in modern CX teams.

Core abilities that will enable a better understanding of customers and the delivery of stellar experiences across a variety of use-cases — no techie gimmicks.

Here's a quick rundown of what the product team has been cooking lately. And what you can get started with right away using Pisano.

Incoming Email: A Shared Inbox for Scalable Customer Engagement

We're big believers in live chat. Companies should be able to talk to customers in more human and engaging ways. And live chat one of the best ways to engage customers — or prospects — in real time.

But sometimes people just want to send an email. That's why now you can connect any email address directly to Pisano and get feedback messages through email that's sent to that address.

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You'll take control of your inbox with the advanced features of the Pisano platform. Leveraging Pisano's AI based tagging, team collaboration, organizational hierarchy, routing, escalation and advanced reporting — all with email!

With Pisano's shared inbox you'll get more done without having to rely on additional third-party solutions. Having everything about your customers in one place.

Custom Event Analytics: Going Beyond the Survey

Our new and improved event analytics system allows you to log any type of customer activity to the Pisano platform.

Customer activities like website visits, purchases at stores, support tickets opened and many more. Anything you can imagine really can be streamed to the platform in an organized and structured way.

Pisano event analytics will give you a single view of the customer

This reduces the back-and-forth with external analytics services like Google Analytics. And the need for complicated integrations that cost time and money. The obvious benefits aside, you'll see that combining customer data with experience data will enable something quite bigger in your organization.

Being truly proactive.

Instead of having to ask customers, you'll just know.

With a more centralized view of the customer and support for more complex journeys. You'll be able to get closer to customers and offer better experiences.

User Experience: New Dashboard Design

Modern features need a modern look. That's why we've updated our dashboard user interface for a more pleasant user experience.

We value good design in our products because we believe it is essential for a great experience. And we're constantly looking for ways to improve it so stay tuned for more design updates.

* * *

We've got even more features in the works that we believe will be a breath of fresh air for CX professionals trying to navigate the complex landscape of modern customer experience management.

And will enable you be more productive and delight more customers.

So keep an eye out for future updates and if you'd like to get in touch with us to learn more about what we have to offer, please say hi at!

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