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Oct 16, 2020 10:45:00 AM< 1 min read

How to Maximize Return on Experience

"An ROX framework zeroes in on customer touchpoints that need shoring up. It can also help identify the things your company does exceptionally well, and then make sure your IT systems, data infrastructure, business processes and performance metrics are aligned with those core capabilities." - PwC Customer Insight Survey

Some say return on experience (ROX), is the new return on investment (ROI). In this webinar, we explore how focusing more on business processes that have a direct impact on customer and employee experience can result in an improved bottom-line for leading enterprises.

In This Webinar We Cover:

  • How to measure and act on ROX
  • Best practices and success stories for banking & insurance
  • Identifing key metrics to track experience impact
  • Timing of projects and choosing the right deadlines
  • Change management and organizational buy-in for initiatives


  • Friska Wirya [Moderator] - Founder @Fresh by Friska
  • Francis Goh, CCXP - Founder @Hehsed
  • Luzanne Chong - Head of Customer Experience @Prudential Assurance Singapore

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