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How to Operationalize Customer Experience Management
Oct 16, 2020 12:07:00 PM< 1 min read

How to Operationalize Customer Experience Management

Companies that lead in customer experience are not just measuring NPS or CSAT. They're bringing experience data into their day-to-day operations to move key metrics that move their bottom-line. From marketing, sales to production they leverage the voice of the customer to make better decisions, provide better service and create more competitive products.

Join us on this panel of customer experience & digital transformation executives for senior-level perspectives and strategies on how to bridge operations with customer experience management.


  • Customer experience success stories
  • Combining experience data with operational data
  • The role Employee Experience and Engagement plays in operationalizing customer experience
  • Bringing front-line staff closer to the boardroom to influence customer-centric strategies
  • Successfully pitching customer experience initiatives to stakeholders and securing organizational buy-in


  • Wan Chee Loon - Associate Consultant @Monochrome Learning Solutions
  • Francis Goh, CCXP - Founder @Hehsed Consulting
  • Lin Lassen - Customer Experience & Insights Manager @Swire Shipping
  • Mike Soylu - General Manager Asia-Pacific @Pisano

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