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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM2 min read

Survey Revolution For Companies In Social Media

Social media has become a major part of our lives and its effect is increasing day by day. While we’re spending most of our day scrolling through our social media accounts, social media companies are constantly adding new features to their applications and trying to keep the masses interested. One such popular feature is Instagram surveys in stories.

Stories had entered our life with Snapchat. After Instagram developed this feature, the effect of stories increased even more. If we look at concert or sports game photos, we can see that a lot of people record these moments with their phones, instead of watching.

In the simplest definition, the story feature is sharing photos or videos in real time with 24 hour time limit. With the latest update to stories, users can add surveys to their stories which can include 2 choices. However, it’s also mentioned that the number of options will increase in the coming period.

Surveys on social media had entered our lives with Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Twitter allows 4 choice surveys but voters are anonymous. In Facebook, users can create surveys with 10 choices. In Youtube, users can answer survey questions which is shown before the videos.









People conduct surveys like "Should I eat a burger or pizza?" or "Which dress should I choose?", and the responses they get to these surveys can affect their decisions. This situation shows us that feedback has become an integral part of social media engagement.

The increase in the use of surveys in the social media, shows that feedback is accepted as a decision making tool by people. As marketers, we all know that capturing people's thoughts about our brands is crucial and social media feedback is a great this too. Although social media surveys are quite popular, native surveys can fall short in functionality for companies. When we think about the varying demands of customers and the necessity of being able to communicate with customers, companies need more professional feedback systems.

Pisano meets all your feedback needs with customizable survey templates that you can edit according to your needs. With the detailed reports generated from the results of these surveys you can empower your decisions and gain deep insights about your audience and customers. Communicating with customers in real time and solving their problems quickly is easy with Pisano. In short, Pisano provides all the systems you need to design a better customer experience.

As an example, an apperel brand can direct their customers with a short link in their Instagram story to the feedback flow about their newest collection or a restaurant chain can ask their thoughts about a new product on their menu. With Pisano, you don’t just collect information, also you can give information to your customers about your promotions or discounts.

For instance, you can ask your customers "Did you order our new mushroom burger?". Then a second question could be "Did you know you can add cherry dessert to your mushroom burger order with only 90 cents extra?". This way, you can inform your customers while you collect feedback.

Pisano meets all your needs with innovative solutions in the era of feedback on social media. Your customers prefer you but are they recommending you to their friends? Do your customers know about your new campaigns and discounts? Get answers to these questions with Pisano and take a leap forward with the power of feedback!