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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM4 min read

Feedback System Usage Examples Part 3

In addition to creating feedback channels that deliver you high volumes of feedback, Pisano brings your company to the future with innovative marketing solutions. In the previous two articles of our series, we talked in detail about permission marketing, realtime engagement, offline satisfaction surveys, and lead generation methods. In this article, we will talk about mystery shopping and experience management. Let’s take a closer look at these methods.

Mystery Shopping

The mystery shopping method is the process of collecting information secretly conducted by market research companies, observation teams or teams externally created by the companies themselves. If we examine this method historically, it is similar to the kings in the middle ages that walked among the people wearing normal clothes to observe the people and asses what they’re doing. Mystery shopping is used in almost every sector, from banking to retail.

As a result of this method’s popularity in the United States, many companies that provide mystery shopping services were established and these companies came together under the roof of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association.

Jon Swinburn, the director of Mystery Shopping Providers Association said that mystery shoppers are active in restaurants with a rate of 21.5 percent, QSR’s with 14 percent, retail with 16.8 percent, banking-finance with 14.2 percent and oil sector with 11.8 percent. In other counties, mystery shoppers mostly using in banking, restaurants and retailing sectors. These 3 sectors are followed by hospitality, call centers, e-commerce, cinemas, cargo-shipping companies and hospitals.

Although the mystery shopping method is one of the most popular methods of gathering feedback, it comes with many challenges. Here are some difficulties that you will face when you using this method:

  • You have to pay for each mystery shopper visit.
  • Information flow is not continuous. Mystery shoppers go to the store once or twice a month.
  • It is difficult to conduct detailed screening of people you will use in a classified customer survey. For this reason your data security is at risk.
  • The results of your research may not satisfy you.
  • Excel and similar third-party software is required for the reporting process.

Instead of taking the traditional route, you can use Pisano’s feedback solutions for offline locations and reap these benefits:

  • Pisano delivers high-volume feedback in real time.
  • Thanks to verification of unwanted data (spam) and contact information, provided secure information flow.
  • With smart surveys, you can reach flexible forms that you can reshape according to your needs.
  • Powerful reporting makes it easy to analyze your feedback.
  • With real-time notifications, you can instantly analyze your situation.

BP is one of our customers that used to do Mystery Shopping, but with Pisano’s offline feedback technologies, they haven’t looked back. Here’s what they have to say:

The Mystery shopper method was not giving us an accurate view of the real customer experience at our stations. We wanted to reach real insights of our customers. After starting to use Pisano, we received nearly 10 times the number of feedback we used to collect. With our call center integration, we engaged with our customers and turned any negative experience into a positive one by providing instant solutions to them.Erhan Kur (BP Turkey, Marketing Manager)

Experience Management

Customer experience is an interaction between an organization and its customers. This is the whole interaction with the customer, from branding to support and it is a continuous process.

Pisano offers software and hardware products that streamline these processes and help companies create the perfect customer experience. Unlike the traditional methods, Pisano has a flexible structure and meets all your needs without the need for any additional systems. Here are some difficulties that you will face when trying to manage customer experience scale:

  • Low volume of feedback and getting enough data to take informed actions.
  • Not being able to change feedback processes for different channels or in realtime.
  • Getting data from offline, brick-and-mortar locations is hard. Solutions exist but are either extremely expensive or very difficult to manage.
  • Managing realtime communication with customers at scale is difficult and most solutions have primitive capabilities in this respect.
  • Integration with business tools and systems can take a lot of time, if even possible and you will run into problems.

With Pisano, you will never face these problems. Meet Pisano's innovative approach to managing customer experience.

  • You can get real-time feedback with the kiosks, QR codes and short links.
  • You can communicate smoothly and directly with customers.
  • With powerful issue/task management features such as assignment and tagging, you can manage the process more effectively.
  • You don’t need additional software tools for CRM.
  • You can easily track performance with highly customizable reporting.
  • PDF and Excel output can be output in any format with deep reporting.
  • You can have real-time notifications, summary reports and instant analysis.

In short, Pisano has no trouble scaling to millions of feedback messages from millions of customers. One of the biggest brands that uses Pisano, Boyner, integrated it’s POS systems to manage customer experience in tandem with its loyalty program. Here’s how it went for them:

We integrated Pisano digital surveys with the Boyner loyalty card system that offers customized advantages to its customers. When a customer makes a purchase using the Boyner loyalty card, the personalized surveys are presented to the customer via Pisano Kiosks. In the same survey, the client leaves open-ended comments and this helps us shape our future action plans. Altogether, we can manage a database of 25 million feedback messages with this system.Görkem Ihlamur (Boyner, Customer Experience Manager)

Pisano offers many marketing solutions like these at extremely competitive prices and will bring your company to the next level with its innovative approach. To learn more about creating communication channels where you can manage continuous feedback and create delightful experiences check out our product.