Voice of Customer - Explained

Experience Management can be a tough topic to summarize. So many acronyms, analytics, dashboards, and its own terminology could be overwhelming.

CX, CEM, VoC, CES, NPS, CSAT, CLV, ROI, Churn over Retention, and the list goes on.

Experience is mainly about, human emotions. And it is now at the centre of everyone’s perspective. Experience is the way of making your mark.

A study from Bain & Company found that 80 percent of companies believe that they deliver "super experiences," however, research shows only 8 percent of customers agree.

This is the reason, we collect feedback.

To make the Voice of Customer and Voice of Employees be heard, we build an essential tool for all Experience Management industry, bridging the management gap between human experiences and their feedback.

Almost every company knows how important the experience of a customer, or an employee is, however, they either do not focus on collecting the correct feedback or they do not even act on this collection. This is where we apply a brand-new concept, Total Experience.

Total Experience is not just about the experience of a product or service, it is a concept that involves your employee, user and brand experience on all touchpoints.

Pisano’s first function is to listen and understand. Expanding the feedback data in size, quality and response rate at individual touchpoints is beyond just surveys and polls. Fast, customized, appealing and usable content; create a relatable context. Behavioural and operational data becomes useful information when interpreted and integrated. Every company has a specific customer and employee base and therefore unique needs.

Pisano is a reliable and safe all-in-one platform. For instance, responses to open ended messages are read by the text analytics tool faster and more consistently than a human ever can. But this is not the trick, what’s more is that Pisano listens for the sentimental information in the text, tagging exactly what topics are talked about and warns the persons responsible when necessary. So, your friendly neighbourhood Pisano not only listens well, but also processes data for actionable knowledge.

Pisano is the tool that increases experience adoption within companies. Every member of a company must know what experience their brand provides and how. So, from operational teams to C level executives spreading experience insights across an organization requires active participation on every level. Integrated through your systems, your office at headquarters becomes as close to the furthest branch in a remote area of the world as the welcome desk at the entrance in real time. So flexible and agile adapting to your company-specific systems and needs that you may question how you managed without it for so long. It is so practical to use that it makes the job look easy. Pisano does just that.

Let’s explore together, what Pisano can do for you.

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