How We Greet 2022: A Retrospective about Pisano’s Milestones in 2021

What a year! 2021 brought so many changes to our lives. Metaverse, NFT, Clubhouse, decentralized spaces have grown in popularity, and many buzzwords have become part of our daily lives. On the other hand, some things secured their place in our professional life.

2021 was a double-edged sword for many. Some moments were challenging, and some were easygoing. But in the end, we, as Pisano, found a solution for every obstacle and outgrew ourselves.  

We will continue our growth with you in 2022.

Feedback is the core of our product as well as our company. We are very excited about all the possibilities, collaborations, and the future that we will "design together with your feedback" that the new year brings!

Here are key highlights of the Pisano’s achievements in 2021 and how greets 2022:

We are glad to have had you with us on our 2021 journey. Hoping to continue our journey together in 2022.

Happy New Year 🎄🎄

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