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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM2 min read

What Are The Advantages of Collecting Real-Time Customer Feedback?

Market research, CX management, potential customer creation, user/customer support and permission marketing are only some benefits of customer feedback platform. The key to gain valuable and actionable insights from feedback responses is the categorisation. Let’s explore how we can create a channel according to your needs to use the channels effectively.

What is Feedback Channel?

Feedback channels are the channels established between brands and customers that deliver real-time customer feedback to brands. These channels allow you to easily organize feedback responses from your customers. Channel types such as kiosk, link, e-mail, and web widget simplify the feedback responses.

What Are The Benefits of Collecting Feedback Through Channels?


In order to take action based on feedback responses, you must understand your feedback message. Through feedback channels, you’re able to compare the data collected, follow trends and make target-oriented reports. Pisano sends you daily, weekly and monthly automatic reports of the channel based on your selection, allowing you to gain insight  and act based on the type of feedback message you receive.


In team sports, the coach  doesn’t wait for the end of the game or end of a season to give feedback to the players. They give feedback continuously: before, during and after the game. These feedback messages are sometimes given in individual conversations, sometimes to the  whole team. Based on the performance of each player or the whole team, they act in real-time when necessary to improve performances. If something is not going to as planned, they again make improvements (changing the flow) in real time and track changes.

Different Feedback Channels Support Each Other

Feedback channels provide you the freedom of taking action so you don't have to depend on a single type of feedback method. You can combine different channel types and make your feedback process much more effective. For instance, if you want to receive feedback responses from your customers through both physical and digital locations, you can use the email channel on the web and the Kiosk channel at the same time. Also, when you use the web widget channel to provide real-time support to users on the support page of your website, you can use the email channel to collect information on the contact page. This allows you to use more than one channel at the same time on digital locations to offer different solutions.

Thanks to real customer feedback, you can get valuable insights which is the foundation of your critical business decisions. As a customer experience management platform, Pisano provides you the perfect experience for your customers at all touch points. Meet Pisano now and offer your customers the perfect experience!