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Aug 11, 2016 10:00:00 AM3 min read

What Do You Do with Data Coming from Pisano?

The key to a happy brand is customer satisfaction. However, customer satisfaction is an abstract notion. How do we transform customer satisfaction into objective data? An insufficient number of customer feedback and behind hand customer data analysis are the reason of “happy customer” notion. If you do not understand how to make your customers happy, your brand goes into a decline.

According to the researchers, 51% of customers prefers another brand after bad customer experience. The interesting point is that 81% of customers consider this bad experience as preventable action by the brand.

What does this research mean? Let’s consider that your corporate records a turnover of 297,040.00 EUR. If your rivals gain your 51% of your unsatisfied customer, it costs you 148,520.00 EUR. If you could fix problem of 81% of your customer, you could gain 122.71 EUR. Customer satisfaction easily provides this amount of endorsement. You can grow your business with Pisano’s 5 easy customer experience steps.


Do you observe that customer feedback is insufficient or are you losing your customers? If you say yes, it means that you need to find the right communication channel. You need to find a tool, which can individually collect customer’s insights and analyze them.

You can identify your happy customer as an objective data via Pisano real-time digital survey. It helps you at creating a guaranteed action plan. The first step is to get a demo from Our team helps you to create a collect feedback scenarios. We, as Pisano, collect feedback from more than 1000 locations and multiple sectors. So we can find the best solution for your customer relationship in your business.

You have the opportunity to create an exclusive survey to your clients as design and content. If your customers are practical, you may prepare short and precise questions for the survey. You can change your design and content of your study whenever you want as your customer profile changes in time.


It is beneficial that your customer feedback delivers you in a short and real time. You cannot reach confidential customer feedback via mystery shopping but by using a real-time digital survey the mystery is solved. We’ve also seen the number of customers who give feedback immediately increases because digital surveys are easy to use tool for your customers. Favorable but inadequate feedback misguides you, we expertise in creating unbiased and effective surveys so that the feedback shows the real value of your brand.


The vital part of using Pisano real-time digital survey is the interpretation of data. If you correctly apply above mentioned steps, you can trust in results of your analysis and an action plan created by looking at data leads you to success.

Pisano has comprehensive knowledge of customer types because we work on more than 1000 location. After you start to use Pisano for a month, Pisano team creates an action plan by your customer feedback with you. Pisano’s knowledge of customer insight and your brand’s knowledge of sector collaborate to grow your business.


The next step is ensuring that customer quickly reaches the surveys. In a word, the right touch points should be found in a corporate. According to customer experience strategist Hank Brigman, touch point means a significant action initiated by communication, a human contact or a physical or sensory interaction. You may successfully connect with your customers because you create suitable survey questions for your client profile. If points of collecting feedback are well determined, you can gain a sufficient number of customer feedback to achieve well-directed analysis reports. The correct touch point is different for each corporate. So Pisano team finds the right kiosk places before setting up surveys.

The important part is that communication must be mutual. While you must say thank you to your happy customers, you must inform unhappy customers about their problems. If the problem is something out of your control, you must share reasons with your customers. You have the flexibility of engaging customers back and forth using our advanced communication system.

The next step is carrying into effect of the action plan. Pisano stands by you as in every step. Your action plan should be flexible because your customer profile will always change. As you see the successful consequences of your efforts on customer experience, you find out that “happy customer” is a measurable notion.

Pisano is a customer experience management tool for your business. It collects and analyzes real customer feedback to grow your business.