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Aug 3, 2016 2:30:00 PM2 min read

How Pisano Made Elite World Hotel Guests Happy

John Hattie is a professor of educational science, whose decades of research revealed that feedback was among the most powerful influences on achievement. If your corporate success is declining, you may be having trouble with understanding what your customers need, whether they are happy or not with your business. It is a laborious process to determine what your client’s exact problem is. We, as Pisano, reach countless real customer feedback in more than 1000 locations to improve customer experience methodology using data that we collect from real clients.

If a corporate does not analyse customer’s data, it cannot make its’ customers happy. The management then might have to deal with negative comments on social media and negative reviews on the internet. How can a corporate possibly track all of the data from their customers and make sure that they do not post any negative reviews or low ratings online?

We want to follow an example to explain more clearly. Elite World Hotels have provided service since 2002. The number of guests has increased day by day as a result of Elite World’s investments. Today, they are in search of something new in customer experience to gain happier and loyal guests.

Here is one of our success stories which helped Elite World Hotels improve their customer experience as well as increase positive feedback from their clients.

Elite World Hotels, which is one of the most famous hotel chains in Turkey, wanted to make surveys personal to make guests feel special. They wanted to personalise by knowing every single detail of their guests.

It is a fact that guests feeling special tend to become loyal guests. However, Elite World Hotel had a small idea of how to execute this in a right way. Pisano’s team after discussing the idea prepared an execution plan of collecting important touch points of customer satisfaction in their guests and have been successfully operating across all of the Elite W hotels.

A guest who checked into Elite world hotel was experiencing a neck pain. This information was recorded when the guest requested a neck pillow. When the same guest visited again, recording data alerted the hotel manager that this guest might be likely experiencing a neck pain and may be requesting a neck pillow. The hotel manager immediately informed the staff about it and the guest was offered a neck pillow. Amazed by the response of the staff, the guest was happy. The satisfied guest shared this positive experience on social media.

After Elite World Hotel had started working with Pisano, their monthly feedback ratio increased by 15%. This resulted in creating more customer loyalty and satisfaction as well as more check-ins. Pisano is a proud partner in making EWH successful in their project.

Pisano has a data collection method based on user feedback. Pisano is a customer experience management tool for your business. It collects and analyses real customer feedback to grow your business.