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Aug 21, 2016 5:00:00 PM4 min read

What Happens When a Startup Decides to Share Their Knowledge to Train the Youngsters for Future?

At Pisano, everyone is encouraged to share, learn and grow, standing by this principle we took up a challenge of thinking, how about we share our knowledge of coding and building a scalable startup with students so that they can build something on their own. We announced a software camp after talking to our team immediately, we received 943 applications out of which 80 students were able to make it to the first next level and every student was interviewed by our team to put through a selection procedure to make it to the final selection of candidates who will be trained on software and startup skills. 7 out of these candidates made it to the finals. We trained these seven candidates for six weeks.

Apart from the training on web applications, ruby on rails, javascript, HTML and CSS we gave them a challenge of building a website assuming it will be the next startup they’d like to build on their own. We’ve also made them meet some exceptional people from the startup world on every Tuesday, to help them understand the basics of business and building a successful startup.

“Personal effort is the most vital thing to go in Software development sector. We gained our knowledge from working in the software industry because theories from the college and practical experience from the area are not always the same. Pisano Software Camp is a bridge from theoretical knowledge to practical.” says Omur Turan — Head of Development at Pisano.

Today, we came to end of the 6-week Pisano Software Camp. When we taught software to them, we, also, learned many precious things from them.

We arranged Pisano Software Camp to payback duty of loyalty to the software sector in Turkey. When looking back, we observe that these amazing people will be future.

What Did Campers Say About Pisano Software Camp 2016?

5eda48c4fce8e00999b1ab36_1*X9KMba6AqkMKVhTkpHgMQQ-e047e10b“I ambitiously applied to Pisano. My goal was learning something new, knowing new people, observing what entrepreneurialism is and what are new trends at software sector. I achieved my aim. I met very talented folks around here. This definitely is a blessing.

I learned a lot at Pisano. Every Tuesday, we found the opportunity to meet experienced people from the software and entrepreneurship sector. You should come here because Pisano people are warm, kind and smart.”


“There was not a single day I have been late to Pisano Software Camp. There were two reasons for that. One of them was, being here was a unique experience for me. The second reason was, if any of the members were late, that camper had to bring the others food as a punishment. Jokes aside, Pisano Software Camp was the best educational program I had ever attended and my career has not even begun yet. Devoted developers of Pisano did not bore us with all the theoretical information, they went a step further and had us practice what we have learned in Pisano

I feel quite a lot of joy to have the chance to be able to attend and interact with such an organization. Also, I would like to thank Pisano Team for everything they have done for us”


“Pisano Software Camp was an amazing experience for me. Every day, I learned something new about software. I met beautiful people and got the opportunity to listen to experiences from successful people. Pisano is a great chance to jump start a career for me. This adventure helped to decide what part of software I want to work. Pisano family is an easy-to-talk, open-minded and extremely smart team. The best team ever :) “

-Merve D.

“Even though it’s been only six weeks, It felt like I know everyone here for such a long time. It was an incredible experience, a very enjoyable one with lots of coding, chatting and coffee drinking. In the heat of summer, this camp was the cool breeze that I needed. With amazing teachers that are both kind, full of knowledge and passionate about their jobs I only wished that we could spend more time in here.

This whole coding camp thing was designed incredibly well for the students. Therefore I’m thankful for everyone that helped to create this event. I’ve had friendships with my camping friends and my teachers in here that will go on for a very long time. Thank you so much, Pisano, and it’s fantastic crew! “


“During the training, I realized that it is vital to contemplate on the product to work on before diving deep into the technical details. The set of technical skills required is attained some way or the other, and technical difficulties can be resolved somehow. In that respect, it was a great chance for me to be a part of Pisano.

We were lucky to meet a new guest speaker every week, and to make the most of their past experiences. There were times when we discussed the culture of entrepreneurship and realized that the product we wish to build in the future is not made up of lines of code only.

When I look back, I believe my time at Pisano Software Camp was most valuable and productive for my participant friends and me. I am glad that I was a part of this invaluable experience that was made possible with the efforts of the altruistic Pisano team.”


We were happy to be part of the passionate learners who joined us in this journey. It was a great experience for us too to teach and learn from the young, energetic and passionate bunch of kids. We’re always creating great experiences at Pisano.