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Aug 23, 2016 1:45:00 PM2 min read

What Could Have Improved Guest Experience at Rio?

Rio Olympics was the home country of 2016 Olympics. The world was watching the events held in awe and thousands of dream performers gave their best at this event. It was one of the most searched, watched and inspiring event held this year. Rio definitely provided a great platform to the world. However, just like any major event hosts it did have some things which it could have improved, yes, we are talking about the experience of guests who came to Rio. There were many people who were crying over the lack of basic necessities at the event hotels and stadiums, here is a spotlight on some of those guys who tweeted about their experiences.

1.Lack of Showers

Sports writer Stephen Wade mentioned that there is no hot water and, even, shower head at the room, on his tweet.

2. Olympic Pool

Journalist and presenter Jeff McTainsh noticed a water leak in his room. When water started to expand, they used towels to stop this situation. Open-ended problems result in awful guest experiences.

3. Bath Curtain Problem

Chinese Athletes had no shower curtain in their room. Officials could not offer them a solution. So they had to solve the problem on their own. This situation is the best example for the bad guest experience.

Guest experience is a crucial part of many worldwide businesses today. The impact that a guest experience has on the business effects it hugely and remains after the guest leaves. Especially in today’s world of social media it is much easier that your guest would shout out to the world about any negative or positive experiences they had with your business/event/hotel/shop/bank. A business in this age should be able to hear their customers anytime and anywhere. So, what could have improved the guest experience at Rio Olympics? A simple software of customer experience where Rio could have monitored social media or could have interacted with the customers at the moment when the guests had problems. For example: Pisano can monitor real time insights of guests as well as interact exactly when the customer raises an issue. Instead of reading negative comments on social media, Pisano will be able to collect, analyze and engage with your customers at the right time.

We will be keeping a watch for the next Olympic country and hopefully be able to offer our software to increase positive experiences of the guests :)