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Sep 22, 2016 10:45:00 AM4 min read

How Will iPhone 7 Perfectly Handle Customer Experience Strategy?

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus came onto the Europe and USA market. New iPhones always make a sensation. It is a fact that Apple usually tries to create better user experience via each new version. It is not easy to reach the customers expectations, the possibility of making a mistake may increase.

Every positive user experience results in successful customer experience. iPhone covenants better user experience at every turn. Well, can we say that the same thing for customer experience? User experience is necessary, but a tiny part of excellent customer experience. A business needs more than successful user experience for a great customer experience.

In a successful user experience, the product must be user-friendly and precisely give the solution needed. User experience consists of product design, interface, user guidance and so on. As well customer experience starts with the need of clients, continues with service encounter and effects of the service continues for a period. At this stage, the experience of the customers determines the value of the brand. A satisfied user experience is not enough for super customer experience; however, successful customer experience needs a strong user experience. For example, you download a navigation application in your phone. But you cannot figure out how you use it. You decide to call customer service to find a solution. Customer service successfully directs you to teach how you use the application. Also, they give you free premium package for a month. It is a wrong user, but a good customer experience example. Customer experience makes customers forget about mistakes on user experience because customer experience has more impact. Correcting an error is hard in customer experience because it is about human feelings.

Of course, Apple is an experienced company about customer experience. Let’s see how Apple guarantees customer satisfaction via new iPhone 7.

Water-resistance: It is resistance not water-proof. It means that you can talk with your iPhone in a rainy day. However, you cannot swim when your iPhone is in your pocket.

It is a very smart move that user experience truly navigates customers about the product to improve customer experience. If the customers get efficiency from the product, all you need is sharing the success.

No Headphone Jack: New iPhone has no headphone jack. If you say that I must use headphone, you can find Lightning converter in your package. It is critical change because most of the people use their phone instead of iPod to listen to something. If you do a significant change in your product, you have to convince your users about that it is a necessary and useful change for user experience. It is a crucial part of customer experience.

iPhone generates stereo speakers instead of the headphone jack. But iPhone does not forget, the product has wireless headphones. It serves this changes as a motto that better-listening music experience and more practical usage. Time will show whether they will be successful or won’t.

More Processing Power and More Qualified Camera: If the success is guaranteed for iPhone 7, it results from these super features. Creating an adequate image and not letting down battery improve both user and customer experience.

Marketing Price: It is the part of user experience that has a huge effect on customer experience. Since the beginning. It maneuvers customers into the feeling that iPhone is worth a high price. It is hard to say that this feature will pull over the sales or won’t.

When you put a new product on the market, you should collect customer feedback to create the excellent customer experience. Moreover, it is necessary to encourage customers to give feedback and to make giving feedback process practical and comfortable. Then the last job is to gather all feedback channels in the same panel to create an action plan.

We, as Pisano, have monitored over 1000 locations including stores/rest/hotel to see how a perfect customer experience strategy should be. Customer feedback immediately delivers you digital real-time Pisano surveys. Also, we gather all your feedback channel in the same panel to create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly analyse reports. With Pisano practical digital surveys, customers are willing to give feedback because customers don’t lose their time. So it provides the opportunity for collecting the sufficient number of feedback to create a realistic action plan for your business.

Pisano is a powerful customer experience management tool. We collect and analyse customer feedback to help you grow your business. Ready to deliver outstanding service?


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