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Sep 27, 2016 4:30:00 PM2 min read

Why Are The Customer Experience Events Important?

Customer experience is a very innovative sector because it easily adapts itself to new technologies. We live in a world where getting out of touch with technology is unacceptable. If a business fails to keep up the pace with technology, it is bound to face a lot of operational problems. While there are customer experience management tools for getting customer insights anywhere and anytime, checking customer insights weekly or monthly is actually enough to pull businesses back on the market. Well, is there any possibility to track all customer experience innovations and try them? How can a Customer Experience Manager or Customer Insight Manager be sure about staying up to date with trends during this period, in which customer experience is vital to growing a business? The answer is quite simple: Customer experience events an example Customer Contact Expo 2016, which will take place between 28th-29th September in London will open up a new horizon for you.

Innovation Means Less Mistakes

Hard on the heels of bugs and errors, innovation provides us a product with fewer issues. Customer experience events are one of the best places to get information about new products and technologies. Customer Contact Expo aims to facilitate businesses so they can introduce themselves and their latest products. While companies will be presenting about innovations in customer experience at the Expo, visitors will be able to try them out themselves.

Hooray for Networking!

Networking is good for any business. Being aware of this, if there is any networking included in an event, people will gladly join. Networking promises a lot to a growing business especially those with a great idea or product. 150 companies, including leaders in the CEX sector, will participate in Customer Contact Expo. It means you will have a chance to build great contacts to share business ideas.

Amazing Brand New Success Stories

Customers investigate about products or services they are interested in. Knowing other people’s experiences is crucial in the decision phase. Therefore, customer experience success stories are quite valuable for companies. Also, other companies’ success stories are useful for the business life as a whole since people might have to face similar problems within the same sector. Expo is a great chance to listen to the success stories of large and successful companies. There will be expert opinions from the leading names in customer service. Plus, case studies and best practice guidance will help you overcome your challenges and stay ahead of your competition.

Talkative, a real-time digital communication tool and one of Pisano’s partners, will be at Customer Contact Expo 2016. Talkative’s solutions help you to visualize, understand, and solve customer problems. As Pisano, we wish Talkative and all Expo participants a great experience.

Pisano is a powerful customer experience management tool. We collect and analyse customer feedback to help you grow your business. Ready to deliver outstanding service?