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Sep 30, 2016 3:30:00 PM2 min read

How to Create A New Menu with Your Customers: Success Story from Pizza House and Coffee Corner

Pizza House, one of the most famous chain restaurants in Turkey, entered into service in 1999. They currently serve in 18 cities with their own authentic tastes. Wanting to add new flavors to their already famous ones, Pizza House and Coffee Corner partnered in 2007. They were both well aware that a restaurant chain could not grow without innovation.

What sets them apart from their competition is that Pizza House and Coffee Corner use Pisano’s real-time digital surveys for happier and loyal customers. Thanks to the Pisano surveys, they can reach their customers’ feedback anywhere and anytime. To use what they have learned, Pizza House and Coffee Corner decided to add new tastes to their menu, and they want to do it with their clients.

The Challenge: Nostalgia or Novelty

According to researchers, 70% of customers hesitate to order new tastes. The same research found out that the clients don’t try out meals listed under an unfamiliar menu header either. However, if a business does not innovate, the said company may lose those customers looking for novelty.

Well, how can you figure out whether your customers tend to like new things or not? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have a response collection platform tracking your customer’s insight anywhere and anytime? We, as Pisano, provide such tools to reach client feedback in real-time.

The Solution: Creating an Opportunity for Customers to State Their Opinions

Pizza House and Coffee Corner added the sentence “Please share your ideas if you want any new flavors in your menu” into their Pisano survey. They observed a demand for waffles in 40% of the survey results. They immediately applied this idea and included waffles in their menus. As they made their customers happy with this decision, it positively reflected on their daily endorsement. When Pizza House and Coffee Corner achieved high efficiency with the Pisano survey results, they wanted to continue the menu experiment. The number of feedbacks continued to rise at the restaurant. As a result, they now plan to add mantı (Turkish dumplings) and sliced steak served on a bed of chips. These examples show that Pizza House and Coffee Corner want to both serve new tastes and maintain a high quality of meals.

At the end of the day, Pizza House & Coffee Corner did not only prepare a new menu, but they also created a new food culture with their customers. Pizza House and Coffee Corner demonstrated their high values by what they gave to their customers. We congratulate Pizza House & Coffee Corner on making their customers feel special.

Would you like to try becoming a success story yourself? Pisano is a powerful customer experience management tool. We collect and analyze customer feedback to help you grow your business. Ready to deliver outstanding service?