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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM5 min read

Pisano's Evolution: Customer-Oriented Product Development

Pisano is a technology company providing services for hundreds of customers all around the world. The company has received more than 6.5 million feedbacks since its foundation. As a company which strives to make sure that organizations offer perfect experiences to their customers in all points of contact, Pisano can be defined as a customer experience management platform. What processes has Pisano gone through so far? What were the most effective factors in this transformation of 4 years?

In this article, we will take a look at Pisano's Transformation and the philosophy of customer-oriented product development. Let's get started!

Hello Short Links!

The most straightforward answer to the question of ‘‘Exactly where did Pisano’s story begin?’’ is probably The users were redirected by means of Qr code technology to this link where satisfaction was measured by asking 3 yes/no questions. This feedback solution was first preferred by restaurants and hotels.

The initial measurement of customer satisfaction by way of only 3 questions was then extended with a section for the customers to note down their comments in order to give deeper insights. This section which also allowed the institutions to respond to customers' comments was in one sense a basis for the real time feedback flow currently provided by Pisano.

Kiosk Evolution

Redirecting the customers to a short link by QR code technology and collecting customer feedback this way was certainly a very innovative technology at that time. However the amount of collected feedback was not sufficient for the institutions to obtain clear insights about their customers.

Recognizing their customers' requirements to collect more feedback, Pisano team started to search for ways to collect feedback from physical locations using more practical means. It was at that point that the idea of collecting feedback from physical locations by means of tablets placed in platforms standing on metal mounts was put into practice.

The first large-scale event where Pisano tested its kiosk devices was the ICT Summit NOW Information Summit organized in 2014. A large amount of feedback was collected from the participants by way of 20 kiosk platforms located in the event area.

Following this event Pisano kiosks started to be preferred by the leading brands in many sectors including ready-to-wear retailers, restaurants, cargo transporters and fuel oil sellers.

The success of kiosk devices may be summarised by the following two examples:

McDonald’s announced its customers the return of its apple-pie, which was removed from the menu for some time, by including the question of "Have you heard that our apple pie is back in the menu?" in the question flow of Pisano kiosks. The branches where Pisano kiosks were located achieved an increase of 45% in apple pie sales.
Opet announced its customers cinema campaign via kiosks which is located at stations. Campaign participation rate increased 2.5 times.

In line with the huge demand towards Pisano kiosks, there was a sharp increase in the amount of collected feedback. More detailed question flows helped obtain a wider variety of data and therefore need arose for more professional solutions when it came to preparing reports.

At that stage Pisano team made a full revision of the kiosk software to meet the demands of its customers. Looking at customers' feedback, it was decided that the POC version of the kiosk platform was not sufficient and the kiosk platform was redesigned.

Following the case in which a kiosk device located in a supermarket chain was lost, kiosk follow-up and locking features as well as security measures were reinforced.

New Channel Types

Offering kiosk devices to provide solutions to the customers' demands for collecting more feedback, Pisano developed the web widget channel to diversify the types of collected data. Web widget channels which allow the organizations to make live chats with customers in digital platforms also became the choice of many brands.

Web widget channel technology started to be used as live support infrastructure by Aras Kargo, one of the leading cargo transportation companies in Turkey. Thanks to the Pisano technology which very practically forwards a large number of customer demands to the live support personnel, a much bigger mass of customers could be served with about one thirds of the cost of a call center. In addition, the kiosks located in Aras cargo branches reduced the call center workload by 50%, while saving 15% in cost.

For purposes of dominating all points of contact with an omnichannel perspective, web widget channels were later followed by link channels, e-mail channels and sms channels.

The Rising Trend of the New Era: Customer Experience

Since its foundation, Pisano has always worked to help the companies offer a better experience to their customers and improved its facilities accordingly. As a result of all this effort, it turned into a customer experience management platform, enabling companies to communicate with their customers in many digital and physical points of contact.

In today's world where almost all companies recognise the fact that offering good customer experience paves the way to success, Pisano helped companies to provide better customer experience with no need for an additional system.

Making Sense of the Feedback: Pisano Consulting Service

After incorporating the sector doyen Uğur Özmen in its team as the Customer Relationship Consultant, Pisano started to serve its customers in making sense of the collected feedback. Offering the opportunity to design a customer's journey through all points of contact from beginning to end, Pisano consultancy service is working to help companies provide a flawless experience to their customers.

Pisano traveled from the point of an enterprise in 2014 measuring satisfaction by using QR code technology to survey the users with 3 questions to a full-service customer experience management platform in 2018. Going through this transformation, Pisano team was always centred around customers' demands. Having adapted a customer-oriented product development philosophy for 4 years, it now serves hundreds of customers in 10 countries and has a collection of 17 million customer feedback responses.

Pisano is working with full force to become one of the leading companies in the world in the field of customer experience. Believing that the secret of successful company operation is hidden in a better customer experience, Pisano is taking firm steps towards its goal!