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Siyavash HeidariOct 18, 2022 2:39:01 PM1 min read

Pisano Selected Among Microsoft for Startups Middle East: GrowthX Accelerator

Microsoft, one of the famous Big Five, as a part of its responsibilities toward the future of technology supports startups with different programs. GrowthX Accelerator is one of these programs, aiming to provide tech startups native to the Middle East the proper support in various aspects to facilitate their growth. 

The Tech Giants, which is most famous for its computer software and operation system, electronics and other related services, describes the mission of GrowthX to connect startups with the best of Microsoft and help them scale. For each of the three cohorts of the Microsoft for Startups Middle East: GrowthX Accelerator, a few startups were handpicked which were qualified based on specific criteria. 

GrowthX also specifies four pillars through which the Middle Eastern startups are being supported: Tech Enablement, Corporate Readiness, Financial Readiness and Investor Readiness. The Tech Enablement pillar offers startups with the technology and infrastructure their business needs. At the same time, Corporate Readiness, Financial Readiness and Investor Readiness focus respectively on enterprise selling, financial and business models and exposure and networking with the help of various mentors and advisors. 

We are honored and thrilled to announce that Pisano, the experience management platform, was qualified and selected for Microsoft for Startups Middle East: GrowthX Accelerator. Pisano, along with a few other startups and partners from all over the Middle East, namely PoiLabs, Raabtaa, SuperCommerce, VitaVirtues, Xina and FortyGuard, will thrive with the help of Microsoft to deliver an even better suite of services and a more mature product. 

Pisano offers an all-in-one experience management solution, enabling businesses to improve their customer experience and employee experience using different methods and inputs. 


Siyavash Heidari

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