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PisanoJun 8, 2022 3:19:00 PM2 min read

Pisano Boosts Eurail to Provide Better Experience

For over 60 years, Eurail Passes have empowered advantageous borderless rail traverse in Europe. Consistently, more than 600,000 Passes are offered to European and non-European inhabitants, permitting them to encounter a variety of Europe. The rail passes can be utilized in 33 European nations and give admittance to 250,000+ kilometers (160,000 mile) of the European railroad. Eurail B.V., the organization behind the Eurail and Interrail Pass, is claimed by more than 35 European railroad and ship organizations and is situated in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Since providing a better experience to customers eventually boosts sales and brand loyalty, every company who values their customers are investing in customer experience. Eurail needed one CX platform to collect and monitor (real-time) customer feedback in the different steps of the customer journey. They receive customer feedback via different channels such as the website, the Rail Planner App and Customer Service. That is where Pisano stepped into the equation.

The feedback in the Pisano platform gives insights on whether or not Eurail customers are satisfied in different steps of the journey. The feedback is easy to compare and is used to improve the product and services. The real time dashboard provided by Pisano helps Eurail to observe the key metrics such as customer satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES) and NPS and take action to improve overall experience.

Why Eurail Chose Pisano

Pisano set up an end-to-end feedback management platform that was customized for Eurail’s needs. That approach provided key advantages in the long term, which are;

Omni-channel feedback: Collect feedback from various channels & touch-points

Real-time feedback: Real-time customer feedback & dashboard updates

Flexibility: Different flows based on the period and brand's need, customized themes and data import  

Reporting: Real-time reporting based on channel type & hierarchy-based grouping, raw data exports and customized scoring methodology

Multi-language feedback: Capability to collect feedback

Pisano platform has these features to answer Eurail’s objectives. That was how Eurail decided to use Pisano as their customer experience management platform.

How Pisano Responded

Pisano Platform helped Eurail collect feedback effectively thanks to its dynamic tagging features - with CSAT & CES measurement and personalized content through the web widget solution. Eurail had custom reporting designs for product owners by gathering the feedback with page information. Detection of related web pages also brought Eurail some improvement suggestions. Using Pisano also helped Eurail receive real-time feedback and customer information for certain processes and take quicker actions.