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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM4 min read

Our Dear Customers, We Are Building Pisano with You

Pisano was founded by four engineers who were passionate about solving customer experience problems. Pisano wanted to make this process easier for businesses. The team came together to understand why should a business suffer because of not knowing what their customers were thinking. We created a sample which helps businesses collect feedback from customers.

It was a simple yes/no question at the beginning. We improved the questions by listening to our customers, we then developed features that will help solve the problems of our users. By listening closely to them, we’ve built a robust platform that will enable any organization to enhance their customer experience. Pisano’s digital survey technology has rapidly grown since then. Today, Pisano Digital Survey enables live chat between customers and business owners. This growth is not a coincidence but the result of hard work, sleepless nights and attention to our cultural values. Here are our cultural values which we developed learning from our users.

1. Delivery

Pisano serves a real-time feedback system. Delivery is essential for a feedback system. We think that delivery system bases on quickness, which requires instant feedback from customers’ touch points. We adapted delivery to Pisano as one of the biggest influencing cultural value. At Pisano, each member tries to finish their tasks in time. We pay strict attention to due dates of our assignments. We know that quick delivery is the most requested feature by most of our customers, we try our best to stick to the same value that our customer’s customers’ need. While every team member individually is responsible on their own, our team is flexible in helping each others deliver.

2. Empathy:

We create solutions with Empathy. Empathy is one of the first culture codes we follow at Pisano. We believe that empathy is one of the cores of any customer centric business. We internalize empathy to create an independent atmosphere for building ideas. Everyone is a consumer; we imbibe the same customer and business owners values such as empathy into our daily work.

3. Failure:

At Pisano, start-up spirit sets the team free to work on their own ideas and concepts. Creating new ideas may result in both failure and success. In a Startup ecosystem, a team has to embrace both failure and success. Almost all small businesses try to handle their own challenges and failures. While we focus on solving their customer experience issues, we take the same learning and solve our work experience issues. We think it’s a beautiful way of learning, failing and growing with our customers.

To see failures as an opportunity gave us new perspectives about customer success in business. The best formula for success is persistence. If there is a problem in your business, we think that we should not stop until the problem is solved. Customers do not expect us to be perfect. They do expect to us fix things when they go wrong. So, we give importance for persistence on our work strategy.

4. Creativity:

Our creativity too fuels from our customers. We’ve built robust products not just with random creative ideas but with our customers updating us on trends. Also, creative ideas come from solving their own problems with the help of our technology. For example, one of our customers really wanted a feature to be easily able to communicate in real time. We’ve built a real-time chatting feature for that customer. It quickly became one of the hottest features we have. The most creative ideas that we picked up were from customers and interns. We respect this and have adopted this as our cultural code.

5. Communication

Communication is another core purpose of our product. We believe effective communication is one of the key ingredients of our culture. People from different backgrounds and geography come with different experiences in Pisano, maintaining effective communication in an organization so diverse is a hard task. As much as we focus our product on communication, we take the same level of seriousness into our culture. We conduct weekly sessions where everyone gathers together to share their experiences, challenges and ideas for the week. We find solutions for our problems. It does not matter whichever department problem occurs because helping network is homogeneous in Pisano.

Pisano has a supportive atmosphere. It is impossible for someone to feel outside of team thanks to our Sunday breakfast and dinner events.

Pisano is set up in Istanbul. However, we have members from Switzerland, India and different regions of Turkey and abroad. The orientation of different cultures may take a long process in general but, the mixture of cultures empowers communication within Pisano. Our company culture strengthens from diversity. We have engineers, travelers, artists and yogis who share their values under one platform to build Pisano.

In the production process, everyone can join, brainstorm the way they like, this gives freedom of communication between teams and we see that this helps in bonding between team members. It helps in speeding up the production process. We believe a well formed team can do wonders.

A group of creative, engineer friends thought it shouldn’t be difficult for businesses to learn about their customers and keep in touch with them. They worked to create Pisano to make businesses surrounded by happy customers.