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Oct 13, 2016 11:45:00 AM2 min read

McDonald’s Talks About Mystery Shoppers with Pisano and Other KMD Highlights

McDonald’s Turkey and Pisano gave a speech together at KMD (Categorical Retailing Association) Symposium on 11 October 2016. During the event, industry leaders and technology solution partners came together. They discussed mainly about the best way of improving customer experience strategy. Also, worldwide known brands like Migros, Vodafone, McDonald’s, and Mediamarkt talked about how to change customer profiles using technology and maintaining contact with customers.


Pisano co-founder Ozkan Demir and McDonald’s Turkey Marketing Director Bora Tanrıkulu gave a speech together about the inadequacies of mystery shopping results at KMD. A major point they underlined was that when the real customer insights are compared with mystery shopper results, a huge gap appears. For example, while mystery shopper’s report may state that a store’s toilets are perfect, real customers often complain that they do not prefer to use the store toilets because of lack of hygiene.

Tanrıkulu told how McDonald’s Turkey achieved satisfactory results with Pisano’s real-time digital surveys at “Are you still using mystery shoppers to get customer feedback?” titled speech. McDonald’s has an enormous customer volume in Turkey; however, they were keeping the pulse of their clients via mystery shopping and request boxes. However, Pisano’s real-time feedback collection method impressed them greatly. When Pisano and McDonald’s started to work together, they were able to collect 180,000 real customer feedback. Thus, McDonald’s now can;

  • Gain real customer insights about up and coming products and campaigns; so its team can prepare more effective campaigns
  • Research about locations and branches they should invest in
  • Save valuable funds since Pisano’s market research methods are much more economical.

Aside from this influential speech, here are some more highlights from KMD.

5eda48724bc6a534c6103011_1*UAdBmvy9EvTZ4HTA-Wj4hA-86ff559cDigitalization Is Not a Choice; It Is an Obligation

Sami Kariyo, Head of the United Brands Association of Turkey, said that the digitalisation and technology are important tools for business owners to keep their promises to their customers. The customer-focused attitude in retail sector means preventing client disappointment and providing anything customer needs in a store.

Next Generation Retail

Vodafone Trade Marketing Senior Manager Murat Helvaci mentioned that the experience is more valuable than the product. It is not enough to just supply the physical product for the customer. The business owner should turn a shopping experience into an unforgettable moment for the client. And for this purpose, new technology is immensely helpful with following individual customer’s data, which is essential in creating personalised customer experience.

Spice Up Customer Experience in Your Store

Board Member of Nebim (an enterprise resource planning company in Turkey) Murat Demiroglu stated that if a business owner creates an opportunity for direct contact with customers via available communication channels, the owner can spice up customer experiences in the store easily. And memorable experiences help forge real bonds. This process helps both turning your customers into loyal ones and attracting new leads into the store.

KMD was a very productive symposium both for technology companies and retailers as demonstrated with its subject headings and speeches given. Keep following us for more updates in our strategies and newer products improved with the insights we gained.