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Oct 24, 2016 10:15:00 AM2 min read

Don’t You Dare Think Your Customers Are All the Same

Do you think your each customer has the same tastes and desires? It is a common mistake you can see in almost every sector. But no one, including your customers, likes to be labeled under a monotype. It helps to remember that every customer wants and expects different things from you; those wants and expectations may change in time as well. So, how can you know your ever-changing customers and create an action plan to suit them? We have a couple of tips for you here.

Most classic surveys may profile your clients under pre-determined groups. These surveys ask customers to evaluate their emotions from 1 to 10, or they may be full of inflexible questions, especially for the younger generations. If your customers cannot adequately express themselves because of strict survey questions you may want to change the survey’s content or design. You can achieve this goal with real-time digital surveys, which comply with the requirements of this new age and ever-changing customers. We have one of the best examples from restaurant industry to this possibility.

Gobitte is one of the most beloved fast casual restaurants in Turkey. Gobitte opened its first restaurant in 2013 with the backing of research and development that started in 2007 to make sure everything is perfect. In addition, Gobitte’s trademark is its ability to successfully blend traditional Turkish tastes with fast-food culture. Wanting to go one step further, Gobitte collaborated with Pisano to catch up with the speed of changing customer satisfaction trends together.

Here is what Sabri Hosta (Gobitte CEO) commented about this collaboration: “Zorlu Mall Gobitte was chosen as the pilot branch. Although it’s been merely 10 days since we started the trial, Pisano application already provided us more customer data than we could ever imagine. Our excitement fueled the Pisano team and their talents encouraged us in return. We created a partnership where both sides nurture each other in an endless cycle. With Pisano, we constructed an extraordinary survey. In order to understand our customers, we pushed the limits of the application. Pisano precisely satisfied our needs with its flexible tech and it encourages us about being creative in our customer relations. Also, Pisano’s reporting, observation, and filtration systems for customer feedback are very useful and practical. All of these advantages motivates us to use Pisano at every Gobitte branch.”

Just like the Gobitte example, collecting feedback is a vital point to growing a business. When you access the real customer insights, you get to learn what your ever-changing customers think about your products at that very moment. This is an important tool in creating a happy and thus, loyal customer base. With such a base, you get to grow your enterprise. With Pisano, you too can collect and analyse real-customer feedback in real-time. Let’s grow and surround your business with happy customers together today.