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Oct 24, 2016 5:48:00 PM3 min read

Ditch the Paper Surveys for a Better Environment AND Better Customer Experience

Climate change, global warming, and what can be done for a better environment have been on our agendas for a long time now. Many governmental agencies and NGOs keep trying to raise awareness and then turn this awareness into meaningful actions. Yet, many of us remain spectators at best and polluters at worst with our irresponsible consumption behaviors.

Among the bad news, the existence of environmentally conscious institutions and programs inspires us. In the Turkish hospitality industry, there are 2 important certificate programs which provide an incentive for hotels to become more green. The first one is the “The Greening Hotels” (Yeşillenen Oteller) which was started in 2009 by TUROB (Hotel Association of Turkey) in collaboration with Bureau Veritas and Sustainability Academy. This program awards those hotels following a set of environment-friendly conditions with the “Greening Hotel” certificate. The second certificate program that promotes environmental practices in the hospitality industry is a governmental one. Ministry of Culture and Tourism started its “Environmentally Friendly Hotel” program in 1993, symbolized by a pine. Now, the program has been altered and expanded to include 122 criteria together with its new symbol; the green star. These incentives influence hotels to take solid steps and render “green hotel” concept real.

Green hotels decrease their unnecessary water consumption and usage of materials harmful to the environment. They use renewable energy resources more and reduce the amount of waste they produce. Most importantly, they incorporate eco-friendly solutions in every aspect of their design. Reducing paper waste by switching to digital surveys is also included in these efforts; green hotels do not only get rid of a pollution factor but they also speed up their relations with their guests and save money. We would like to share the success story of a green hotel that applied these strategies with great success.

DoubleTree by Hilton is a hotel chain geared for business and holiday travelers. It’s also a “Green Star” and “Greening” hotel that innovates hospitality industry while protecting the environment. Throughout DoubleTree’s journey, Pisano supported the hotel management with its real-time digital surveys. This proved DoubleTree’s distinction among other green hotels by allowing hotel’s unhindered access to myriad of guest feedback and speedy reaction to them, plus elimination of paper waste. Regarding this success, Doubletree Moda Front Office Manager Ilker Dolek commented that: “Pisano has been immensely helpful in our successful effort to obtain the Environmentally Friendly Hotel certification.” Certificates send strong messages to guests about a hotel’s eco-friendliness and entice them to visit those hotels that really go the extra mile.

DoubleTree applies sustainability not only ecologically but also sociologically. Sociological sustainability means proving that the guest happiness is sustainable when the proper actions are taken. Guests can never forget their experience at DoubleTree due to the amount of thoughtful and intricate details packed into their stay. From instantaneous reactions to guest feedback, amazing attention to detail and constant warm service, to simple yet kind actions like serving warm biscuits on arrival, DoubleTree experience has been configured for permanence. By using Pisano’s real-time digital surveys, DoubleTree accomplished both of its sustainability goals. Surveys are easily filled in, results are delivered on the spot and both sides of a hospitality experience are left satisfied with the results of a fast solution process. All of this improves the quality of guest experience.

Going one step further, DoubleTree included a special survey for its younger guests. Children were able to voice their comments and suggestions in return for pleasant little surprise gifts; greater representation of guests meant more improvement in the overall experience. DoubleTree made a difference among the lodging industry once more with its Pisano project.

Learn your real guest insights in real-time and protect the environment at the same time with Pisano. Let’s build your own success story in eco-friendly way together.