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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM2 min read

How to Create an Effective Survey on Customer Experience Journey: Qualitative or Quantitative Research For Your Business

There are so many things you want to learn about your business’ future. There are several ways to do it, today. Foremost among them is collecting and analyzing customer data. You can receive customer feedback with various methods. Before you decide which method you use for collecting feedback, you should learn two basic approaches to research methods. They are qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Qualitative Research Method

Qualitative surveys are based on questions, which take people’s emotions and insights to the forefront. This kind of studies helps you to learn what your exact brand’s value is in your customer’s eyes.

You can make a good move to grow your business via qualitative survey. For example, you sales thick along; however, you want to be sure whether it is a permanent situation or is not to grow your business with your loyal customers. Qualitative research places enormous importance on what each client is thinking. You can learn your customer profile through the qualitative survey.

Quantitative Research Method

The quantitative survey gives you results, which are based on data and numbers. While qualitative study tells you why customers do not prefer you, a quantitative survey shows what percentage of people, who belongs to a particular area, do not prefer you.

This kind of surveys consists in strengths of feeling such as ‘strongly agree’ ‘disagree’ or numbers such as scales out of 10. Results show meta-analysis of groups rather than individual insight.

We may say that quantitative research is the first step of collecting customer insight. Firstly you learn what percentage of your client is unhappy; then, you observe why your customers are unsatisfied via qualitative survey.

These two research methods are used by many businesses. However, an analysis method can not achieve success by itself. They should be valuably combined into mixed-methodology research to gain real customer insight. While you learn your customers’ basic needs with qualitative surveys, you find out how your customers are happy with quantitative studies.

What do we do at Pisano? We, as Pisano, use both of the research methods. You can search for and use qualitative and quantitative studies altogether in Pisano digital survey. Pisano applies qualitative methodology on its digital survey via gaining real-time customer feedback. You can quickly identify the clients or customers because of the suitable questions we design for your customer profile. Pisano analysis feature delivers you data and numbers daily, weekly, monthly and yearly as quantitative surveys do.