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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM2 min read

How to Create a Successful Personalised Customer Experience

The world becoming overcrowded is something we complain about everyday. We are also afraid of getting lost in crowds. Day by day, we increasingly tend to follow the blinking lights customised for us. Modern era calls these light “personalisation.” So, “personalised” designs and approaches can be said to have a head start in the customer experience sector just like everywhere else. However, you still may face some unsuccessful customer experiences when you personalise your touch as a business. To illustrate this point, I would like to share two personalised customer experience stories; one of them can get quite problematic whereas the other one has more potential for success.

Learn the Reason Why Your Customers Shop

Let’s imagine an online gift delivery company keeping records about the purchase schedules of its customers. This company actually would be a good example of getting to know your clients personally. Yet, if this company fails to keep details about the nature of deliveries, some embarrassing situations may pop up. Annual reminders for deliveries for events like birthdays can be appreciated whereas receiving reminders about one time events such as weddings would be annoying. The firm makes the mistake of just recording dates rather than why the customers send those gifts. This story has a solid potential for successful customer experiences if necessary details are kept and used.

Right Timing is Everything

This time let’s say your bus company keeps your customers’ name and communication data since you would like to distinguish your loyal customers. As a part of your strategy, you first issue a personalised customer card to make the customer feel special. Then your company sends a discount coupon for travels on special days, such as religious festivals and the New Year, via this card. Your customers keep choosing your brand over the others thanks to this customised experience and voila, you build customer loyalty.

This successful personalized customer experience shows us that right timing is a crucial factor in CX. Every customer has their own unique journey and if you can manage to sync with it, you win. Customer motivations should determine your CX strategy just like the bus company example. Always remember that consistently good impressions turn your leads into your loyal customer base.

For another example, think about giving a personalized card before shopping or on the first shopping experience. You may think it is too early for a personalised customer experience touch. After all, you indeed won’t receive a positive feedback since the personalised card may not make sense to customers who will not come to a conclusion about your business quickly. For this reason, the best timing for personalised customer experience is actually after the shopping period, when customers decide to give a second chance to your business. You are most likely to receive positive feedback in the post-sales period when you show that you think of their needs during their special times.

Pisano has already taken a step for customer personalisation. Every moment of your customers’ giving feedback in your store, we record every single detail of it on our common dashboards. So, you get a chance to know your clients personally. You can create your unique touch for your customers via Pisano. Learn the real value of your brand in your customers’ eyes with Pisano.