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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM4 min read

Feedback System Usage Examples Part 4

Pisano is a technology company that provides the tools necessary to gain insights and engage with customers from different channels with continuous feedback. Feedback is the answers that you get from your survey's questions. We’ve mentioned in detail about the many usage examples of Pisano in the previous three parts of our series. In this article, we will talk about digital forms and market research usage examples.

Digital Forms

Pisano brings businesses and their customers together in many different environments with a solution oriented approach. It is one of Pisano's priorities to ensure that companies/businesses have a more organized structure by moving their operational processes to the digital environment. One of the Pisano's solutions tailored for this type of digitalization are digital forms, which are set up via kiosk devices.

If we’re to describe the digital forms in more detail, digital forms are, as the name suggests, digital versions of ordinary paper forms with some great benefits. Considering difficulties such as the individual reviewing and archiving and archiving of paper forms, digital forms provide a convenient way to solve these hurdles.

Well-known methods of mobile feedback collection include mobile form apps and other types of digital forms. However, the disadvantages of these methods come up when compared to Pisano. Some of these disadvantages are:

  • No device management features like screen locking and location tracking
  • Need for third-party apps for CRM and reporting
  • No channel based hierarchy to organize data.

With Pisano's unique solutions, you will never face these problems.

  • With the device management features embedded to Pisano, you always stay in control.
  • Validity of the data can be checked with features like auto spam detection and contact info validation.
  • With logic jumps you have flexible forms that can vary according to your needs.
  • With the powerful reporting features, you can make accurate analyses.

One of our customers who use Pisano digital forms, express their thoughts as follows:

National Education Ministry and World Bank have launched the project for the Training and Career Survey of Syrian Refugees to produce more efficient employment policies for the refugee population in the working age. If paper forms were used, the survey section of the project could take a month and time and human resources would require for transfer the data to the digital environment. Instead of this method, Pisano kiosk devices were used. Collecting and transferring data from 3,000 participants was completed in 10 days. This field research project with Pisano was conducted much faster than we anticipated.Education of the Future Association (National Education Ministry and World Bank project partner)

Market Research

Market research define as the process of gathering, analyzing and interpreting information about a market, about a product or service to be offered for sale in that market, and about the past, present and potential customers for the product or service; research into the characteristics, spending habits, location and needs of your business's target market, the industry as a whole, and the particular competitors you face.

One of the solutions that Pisano offers to customers in market research area is survey forms. Survey forms are embedded into mobile tablets and you can easily combine high-volume data from customers. Survey forms are innovative and completely solution oriented, unlike other market research methods.

Well-known survey methods include in-person, phone and other types of online surveys. Yet, in comparison to Pisano, they bring more challenges to the table than solutions. Some of these challenges are:

In-Person Surveys

  • High operating costs
  • Low survey completion rates
  • Non-dynamic, can't change questions based on previous responses
  • Requires third-party reporting tools like Excel

Phone (IVR) Surveys

  • High operating costs
  • Difficult to digitalize data because of the decipher phone conversations
  • Low survey completion rates
  • Requires third-party reporting tools like Excel

Online Surveys

  • Can't get responses from physical locations
  • No data hierarchy for grouping results

With Pisano’s unique solutions, you will never face these problems.

  • Real-time survey responses with mobile tablets, QR codes and short links
  • No need for third-party tools
  • Hierarchical survey channels to structure results and organize data
  • In-depth reporting with PDF and Excel exports

One of our customers that uses Pisano in market research, express their thoughts as follows:

With Pisano, we receive 180,000 customer feedback in per month. We can now carry out better segmentations with real customer feedback on our new products and have more successful campaigns with improved return rates thanks to customer profiling in each branch. We are able to research about which channels to invest in at which locations. Plus, [Pisano] is a lot more budget friendly market research method.Bora Tanrıkulu (McDonald's Turkey, Marketing Director)

Pisano provides continuous information flow to over 200 customers in tens of sectors. The insights that result from these processes play a key role in the decisions that are constantly made by these companies. Every great decision starts with a question and evolves with continuous feedback. Make great decisions with Pisano and discover the power of feedback!