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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM5 min read

Feedback System Usage Examples Part 1

Pisano is a company that focuses on creating feedback solutions to gain accurate insights about companies. With Pisano, you can increase your engagement with your consumers and you can learn people’s thoughts about you. By doing this, you can develop more accurate strategies. Okay, but what makes Pisano different from other feedback solutions? Let's start by taking a closer look at Pisano’s Permission Marketing and Lead Generation use cases.

Permission Marketing

Permission marketing can be basically defined as giving information about, or promoting your products and services to your customers - based on their explicit concent and interests. Using Pisano, you can do this by asking for contact information in your feedback flows, as well as asking additional questions to segment them and categorize their interests.

Since Pisano is all about omnichannel feedback, it can easily help bring you closer to your target audience with its practical and intuitive setup. With Pisano's modern and useful communication channels, such as kiosks, links email channels and web widgets, your current or potential customers are always in your reach.

If we talk about permission marketing in more detail, you can communicate with people who provide contact information in your stores with kiosks. You can collect this data in your customer feedback process about experiences in your stores. In this way, you can give information to your customers about your discounts and campaigns.

In traditional methods, the configuration of this system is done through feedback forms and this system brings too many problems.

  • The difficulty of configuration and the necessity of extra third-party tools are the first of these problems.
  • With traditional paper surveys, digitizing the responses of each customer can also waste your time.
  • You can’t see everything in one place and categorize your customers becomes extremely difficult, and as a result, you can’t get clear information about them.

With Pisano, you will never face these problems. Pisano is practical. You can easily setup with no third party tools required and collect large amounts of feedback with customer information.

According to the answers people provide to feedback questions, you can easily identify and categorize them. As a result of these, you can drastically increase your efficiency.

Here are some client perspectives: ebebek CRM Director Burcu Günel and Lacoste Turkey CRM Director Gökçe Gürpınar, express their thoughts as follow:

"Going beyond just providing service, Pisano operates with a perspective that centers around increasing revenues through alternative methods and suggestions from the staff. Participating actively in the projects, Pisano team analyzes insights well and focuses on "How can we achieve better results via different channels like email marketing?" Most importantly, Pisano is always accessible and fast." - Burcu Günel (Ebebek, CRM Manager)
"Our SuperStep stores feature multiple shoe brands; it is super simple to determine which brand our customers want for the next season with the feedback we receive. Thanks to this, we are able to develop our brand line-up in the correct direction. Also, there was a problem about aisle setups in stores with more than 10 featured brands. Using customer feedback, we arrange the aisles and allocate space to those brands our customers wish to see more. We left the option to give additional personal details to our customers when filling surveys; this helped us reduce the time spent in front of the registers, workload of our staff, and increase the number of feedback we collect." - Gökçe Gürpınar (Lacoste Turkey, CRM Manager)

Lead Generation

Lead generation can be described as the marketing process of attracting the attention of people and transforming them into potential customers for your sales pipeline. The buying process has changed over the years and marketing and sales professionals are constantly looking for new ways to reach their potential customers.

Lead generation is a great use case to illustrate how Pisano can help increase the engagement between companies and their customers. Pisano knows that companies can only grow with effective communication and in this regard, it provides innovative solutions to tackle communication challenges. The Web Widget Channel is one of these solutions.

Thanks to Pisano’s web widgets, you can generate potential customers on your webpage by engaging with visitors. Pisano presents you innovative look and practical usage of online embedded forms and web widget systems, which allow for a more familiar and personal touch point to start in your online sales process.

In traditional online embedded forms;

  • You can’t communicate with your potential customers in real time.
  • You can’t get notifications in mobile and you’re required to setup additional software because most lack CRM features.
  • You can’t organize and assign tasks in the system.
  • They don’t have smart form capabilities to segment leads.

In Pisano, you will never face these problems. Pisano offers innovative solutions which are designed specifically for you to increase your effectiveness at affordable prices. Identify your potential customers and prepare forms to lead them to the right sales representative. With Pisano you can reach potential customers even after they leave your web page. Thanks to the mobile application, you can respond right from your phone or tablet. You can easily integrate Pisano into your website with minimal configuration and you can change your feedback flows on specific pages of your website to customize your visitors experiences.

Here are some great lead generation examples from Garanti Bank BBVA Customer Experience Manager Sinem Duman and VDF Volkswagen, Marketing Manager Dilruba Ulaş Süner:

"If we think of the amount of feedback Garanti Bank used to receive from SME and other high segment customers as X, then I can certainly say that we now receive 5X after we started working with Pisano. Thanks to Pisano, we can now touch those customers and potential clients who used to be out of reach." - Sinem Duman (Garanti Bank BBVA, Customer Experience Manager)
"With Pisano, we have been able to present our new digital channels to our customers and demonstrate how it is easier to renew insurance agreements online. Currently, we are able to present the right product to the right client - approximately 100 clients per branch." - Dilruba Ulaş Süner (VDF Volkswagen Bank, Marketing Manager)

Pisano provides all the practical and innovative systems that will increase your productivity while providing the tools necessary for gaining most accurate insights. Pisano creates systems that use the latest technology and offer these systems with competitive prices. Discover the power of feedback with Pisano and join the hundreds brands and companies that trust Pisano with their feedback process.