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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM4 min read

Customer Experience Management Recommendations in a Time of Crisis

Covid-19 pandemic, which suddenly affected the world, continues to spread rapidly and threaten human health. The reflections of this period, in which daily life habits change dramatically, affect and change customer habits and consumer behaviors and therefore reflect on the way the brands do business. In these periods when emotional intensity is high, the positive or negative experiences of customers take more importance in their minds. After the life returns to normal, we will all witness the rise of brands that managed this process effectively. As Pisano, we wanted to share our suggestions that will enable companies to have a good customer experience in such an intense crisis period.

1. Health

The terms used by Mahatma Gandhi “It is health that is real wealth” have become much more meaningful nowadays. We recommend that companies take the health of both their employees and customers as a top priority and take action in this direction without wasting time. It is very critical for employees to have the opportunity to work from home. We are in the times when the word “People orientation” written in the company's values will be questioned both by the employees who are internal customers and by the customers. Companies that transform their perspective into action will be one step ahead in this period.

2. Contact

Digital contact or contactless communication is vital, especially during epidemic periods. Many banks seem to increase the contactless payment limit. Delivery companies enabled the option to get the orders delivered without contact. In the car rental industry, a company eliminated the obligation to go to the office and started delivering the rented vehicle to the customer's home and picking it up again from the customer's home. What other physical contacts can be prevented or managed digitally? We are at a time when all companies should ask this question to themselves.

3. Flexibility

The usual solutions may no longer be valid. Procedures, processes, written texts in call centers… In cases such as the current Covid-19 outbreak, companies should be flexible within a certain framework and employees should be given the opportunity to use their judgment skills by increasing their authority. Only in this way, fast and customer-oriented solutions can be produced.

4. Communication

Transparent information should be shared with employees and customers, both in internal and corporate communications. Hard-Working teams should be applauded and motivated. Having a healthy flow of information and hearing the voice of the customer in the company will help things move on the right track.

5. Accessibility

Although the best products or services in the world are offered, it does not matter if customers cannot access these products or services. It is very difficult for companies to respond in times of crisis, especially as the demands and complaints of customers will increase exponentially. The companies that manage this situation calmly, can direct the intensity created by the customers physically and in the call center to digital channels, enable them to access products or services from different channels and find answers to their problems by constantly communicating, and they will be the least affected companies from the crisis. Unfortunately, those who leave the customers unresponsive will not be able to prevent the destruction of the emotional connection with their customers.

As a result, companies need to pay attention to employee and customer health more than ever before. By avoiding physical contact as much as possible, approaching customers with empathy and changing the usual solutions, businesses will add more value to customers. Information should be shared transparently through all communication channels, and at the same time, the communication between customers and the company should not be left unanswered and requests should be concluded quickly. We believe that all companies will meet employee and customer expectations in the best way, and we will return to our normal life as soon as possible with tighter bonds.

What are we doing at Pisano?

1. For our employees

Being part of the battle against Covid-19, which seriously threatens public health and becomes a global epidemic, is one of the priorities of our company that keeps human health above anything else.

In order to prevent a much more serious epidemic that may affect both our employees and the society, we closely follow the developments and take all necessary measures immediately, without limiting the disruption of the services we provide to our customers.

2. Support package for our customers

During this crisis period, that brings both threats and opportunities and when customer satisfaction is more sensitive than ever, our customers will be able to use complimentary for 3 months, all the packages they may need from the Pisano Platform in addition to the scope of the packages they are already using.

You can find details about the Collect (Digital / Offline and Transactional), Engage and Customer Journey Packages that you may need in order to provide a better experience in this context by clicking here.