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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM6 min read

CEO's Guide To The Galaxy: Customer Obsessed Management Model

There has been a de rigueur adjustment to how companies approach the experience they provide to their customers. “The buyer’s journey” has also been rapidly changing in the recent years, mostly due to advancements in digital world. Companies now tend to follow a schematic customer experience and switch their management model to a more “customer-obsessed” one based on insights and feedback responses. Customer oriented companies prioritize the opinions of customers through the journey they take in the companies’ vicinities and capitalize on this novel approach. In this context, digital innovations that can relay and analyze feedbacks on a meaningful level are on a high demand.

Both the positive and negative customer feedbacks are about a specific company, are now seen as the key to success, as each and every one of these feedbacks create an opportunity to grasp and perceive more about the customer and their experience. These messages are the undisputable secret of successful companies that are able to provide great customer experience.

Now let's take a closer look at the importance of feedback for your company:

  • Measuring the level of customer satisfaction: By collecting feedback, you can get the most accurate analysis about your company from your customer’s perspective.
  • Creating better journeys for your customers: For a better experience design, you should listen and rely on your customers’ opinions about you. Building up from that meaningful feedback will surely improve your customer loyalty too.
  • Engaging with customers in real-time: Instant engagement on a customer feedback directly will save you time and upgrade your problem-solving abilities immediately.
  • Defining customer profiles: A tailored and impeccable individual customer service can only be achieved through a clear definition of your customer profile. The only thing you need to accomplish is to find ways to provide accordingly.

The detailed analyses and consequential outcomes of a customer feedback plays a vital role in the decision-making processes. As the the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations, the highest-ranking officers and the ultimate decision-makers of those companies, many bright CEOs benefit greatly from those insights too.

For the better part of the last century, the conceptual approach towards the role of a CEO would be that their primary goal is to make the company more profitable for each quarter. And understandably, background of the most CEOs were written “financial” all over them. As with the winds of change are here, the definition of a CEO changed for good in the last decade too. For a company to profit, innovate, expand and create journeys accordingly, contrasting approaches are now needed to be analyzed simultaneously; especially about determining who to work with, which markets to invest, what medium to communicate in and most importantly and in line with our subject: what kind of journeys to create for customers. Spoiler alert: Customer experience that is based on meaningful feedback is the key here. We are getting there next.

At this point, let’s focus the spotlight on a contemporary CEO role model that fits the ever-changing definition. Besides the obvious financial success, leadership abilities, motivational posture and the much desired ability to achieve desired goals, we are also looking for a specific set of skills that create happy customers.In this context, Jeff Bezos would be the perfect candidate to shed some light on. He created Amazon from the ground up, he is very well known with his customer-obsessed approach and the progressive way he always takes, upgrades Amazon accordingly with the “zeitgeist”, spirit of time. He is probably among the very first CEOs of his time to meditate on customer experience and digital transformation of the buyer’s journey. Bezos again and again states in every opportunity that every Amazon employee has to be able to work in a call center by literally saying “Don’t just listen to your customers, understand them.” Today Amazon have 164 million customers and Bezos is the key architect of building a customer oriented company. While profitability is still a priority target for all companies, making decisions that will make a long-term difference rather than short-term goals requires a fresh approach to executive roles. As well as producing high-end and satisfactory products, constructing advanced and modern customer experiences is what makes a company move forward into the next phase in business.

According to a recent survey by Dimension Data, 71% of senior executives think that crafting a superior customer experience is their primary strategic objective. However, only 13% of them gave 9 or 10 points out of ten to their customer experiences that they designed. 36% of companies don’t even have a manager for handling customer experience processes.

Moreover, a rising current towards creating an improved customer experience can also be seen in the report. 81% of companies agree that the most important element that distinguishes them from competitors is a superior customer experience. Managers rank the commercial benefits they have achieved by designing a better customer experience as follows:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: 92%
  • Revenue Growth: 84%
  • Cost Savings: 79%

As Bill Gurley nicely put it in words for us: “Numbers don't require adjectives.”

That data bring us closer to our main question: How to grasp this wind of change and what are the ways to improve? Rely on your customers more each day: listen, analyze & reflect the acquired data on your business plan. That is how. Now for the “what” part, omnichannel customer feedback services is the answer. You need to listen to your customers that are online, in your shop, on the other hand of a call, a chat or maybe on the receiving end of an email. You NEED to listen, says Bezos, Burley, Dimension Data Company and many more.

Pisano heard them well back in 2014 and created a superior feedback flow automation between companies and their customers. Pisano is a suite of products that help you get feedback driven in 4 channels that are specifically designed for distinctive customer touch points:

  • Branded kiosks:Designed to collect high number of feedback responses from physical locations.
  • Customized links:Developed to work offline & online, a QR code or a short link will get you results.
  • Responsive web widgets:Tailored to be a native part of your online presence, widgets let you interact in real-time.
  • Compatible email channels:Produced as a crucial part of your written communications, embed feedbacks in email.

Through all these channels, Pisano helps you to create a continuous automation of feedbacks from all physical and digital locations with highly detailed daily, weekly and monthly reports, automated job assignments, insights from CX world and a solid customer success team that is always there for you to help, guide and design a superior customer experience for your company.

Every great decision starts with a question, and evolves with meaningful insights. Pisano helps companies be feedback driven; feedbacks help companies create better customer experiences; a better CX makes customers happy; happy customers make CEOs successful and successful CEOs such as Jeff Bezos change the world we live in. A perfect loop for a better corporate thinking is here for you with Pisano. Discover the power of feedback and get in contact now.