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Pisano Sep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM 4 min read

A Customer Experience Masterpiece: Stuffed Giraffe Joshie’s Adventure

As we acknowledged many times in our previous posts, more and more top executives and companies recognize the importance of designing a better customer experience each passing day. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, it is now possible to more effectively boost customer experience, an essential feature of a successful company. But what exactly is customer experience?

Customer experience is a long process that begins when a customer recognizes the need for a product. Then, the process continues through customer support following the acquisition of the product. Customer experience is a continuous process that never ends. Brands offering a decent experience to their customers make a great difference among their competitors also, they can boost their customer loyalty to higher levels. According to a recent research covering 16 different industries , adding value to the positive customers brings 9 times higher gains than resolving the problems. Defining positive moments that add value to customer experience is essential to design a better customer experience journey.

Heath Brothers have conducted research on positive customer experience journeys. They think at least one, sometimes more than one, of four crucial elements of a positive customer experience should come together to create a positive moment. These elements are:

  • Elevation: Moments go beyond the ordinary level.
  • Insight: They re-establish connections through our perceptions.
  • Pride: They reflect achievements or courageous acts.
  • Connection: Sharing connections brings people together.

Authors, meanwhile, define a positive moment as “a short experience both unforgettable and also meaningful”. This unforgettable moment could be a little cookie accompanying your coffee and sometimes, it could be noticing what you want to do through the rest of your life. Defining all these moments may help you radically change your life and sometimes, it can make you a loyal customer to a certain brand. The story in our current article is a globally famous customer experience tale. And, it shows us how a little problem could turn into a fantastic experience through a genius communication practice.

American author and entrepreneur Chris Hurn’s family vacation is an amazing customer experience case. Chris Hurn together with his wife and two children spends a cheery vacation at a Ritz Carlton hotel. But they run into a big problem when they return home. They recognize they left their son’s favorite doll, stuffed giraffe Joshie, at hotel. Hurn thinks of a common white lie to help his son overcome this trouble: He tells his son that little giraffe Joshie decided to extend his vacation and he was enjoying in the hotel. Hurn takes a deep breath after his son was convinced of his story. Later at night, he receives a call from the hotel and was informed Joshie was found. He shares his white lie with the hotel management and asks a photo of Joshie by the pool for his son.

The story becomes more interesting exactly at this point. The hotel management turns Hurn’s request into an opportunity. And, they send stuffed giraffe Joshie to the family accompanying with a photo album of Joshie’s extended vacation. They even send a personnel card prepared specially for Joshie.

Joshie sunbathes by the pool.

Joshie gets a relaxing massage.

Joshie has made new friends but he also asked us to tell you that he missed you a lot.

Joshie has become hotel personnel at loss prevention service.

The family was really surprised and delighted of the hotel’s unexpected favor. Ritz Carlton and the Hurn family have established a warm relation that will last for years thanks to a little doll left at the hotel. Ritz Carlton assured customer loyalty through a phenomenal communication practice and customer experience in a competitive industry of substitutable services. Ritz Carlton employees did a perfect communication work in reply to the family’s request. And, they definitely had a significant share in this experience. As we also highlighted in our previous posts, employees and customers are in one-to-one contact during the customer experience process. This fact shows us again that happy employees are a vital perquisite for designing a successful customer experience process to create happy customers.

Pisano helps its customers through each step of customer experience process from beginning to the end with its unique software and hardware systems. Pisano helps companies to identify their customers and establish a mutual interaction rather than a traditional one-way communication. Customer experience concept evolves into a superior level through Pisano technologies. Easier access to information thanks to technological developments enables customers to easily reach all type of information regarding companies. Consequently, customer loyalty shifts through companies that offer a better experience.

Sometimes a stuffed giraffe left in the hotel, sometimes a small favor in a family dinner: You may always have all these great experiences everywhere and you can turn these little chances into great communication successes for your brands. Pisano has been doing its best to properly interpret all these moments to add value to your brand. Pisano operates with the motto of happy customers for happy businesses and it believes in the power of feedback for a better world. Discover the power of feedback with Pisano and add a new one to your positive experiences!